Fun Flower Girl Fashion for Some of Your Youngest Wedding Attendants

Pomander Balls
Most little girls are beyond excited when they learn that they have been selected as the flower girl in a wedding.  With pretty dresses and fun accessories, what little girl wouldn't want a chance to be princess for a day?  Usually a flower girl is between the ages of three and eight, and is a member of the bride or groom's family, or perhaps the daughter of a close friend.  When it comes to her dress and accessories, you can choose whatever will go best with your wedding, but you may want to ask her input so that she is all smiles on your wedding day.

Besides the duties of your flower girl, you will want to consider what type of dress and jewelry she will wear.  She is not limited to wearing a miniature replica of your dress.  Tutus have become popular, as well as off-white tea-length dresses.  There are also many other looks which you can find on Etsy, in a bridal salon, or even in department stores.  

Flower Girl Dresses

Whichever look you decide on, you may decide to give your flower girl a jewelry set or other accessory to match her dress as a gift for being in your wedding.  You can find jewelry and other flower girl gifts here.  Another option to dress up your little wedding attendant is a flower hair wreath.  They can be made with the flowers you are using throughout your wedding day, and are so adorable.

Flower Girl Jewelry and Hair Accessories

As far as other items for her flower girl duties go, there are a lot of great trends right now.  Traditionally, a flower girl will carry a basket of flower petals, but recently there have been many other flower girl accessories becoming popular.  Pomander balls, beautiful balls of flowers, often replace flower baskets if the bride does not want petals to be dropped in the aisle.  A few other options are Signs announcing the bride's presence, bubbles, or one of our favorites - ribbon wands!  We have even seen weddings where the flower girl will walk the couple's dog down the aisle.
Flower Girl Accessories

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