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Doily place setting
When you think of doilies you're probably reminiscing of childhood crafts, homemade Valentines or maybe even grandma's house. Although all these memories are certainly sweet, they don't coincide with the elegance that you are picturing for your wedding. Now don't underestimate the versatility of the doily, for it can be artfully crafted into something of unquestionable beauty. When used tastefully, doilies can look elegant, romantic and even whimsical. Incorporate doilies into the decor at your wedding and prepare to wow guests with each and every darling detail.
Darling doily wedding decor
Showcasing  doily decor in your wedding is the perfect opportunity to utilize your DIY skills, for most of the above decorations can be created quite simply on your own. Some DIY doily ideas include garland or table runners made from either paper doilies or cloth ones sewn together artistically.  Have your reception dinner menu printed on large paper doilies and set on each guest's dinner plate. Doilies can be displayed pinned to a frame and used as guest escort cards. Doilies can also be formed into beautiful centerpieces, votive holders and hanging lanterns by simply shaping them around balloons or balls and using a little fabric stiffener. Combine doilies with romantic candle light by lining mason jars or paper bags with doilies. The light will shine through and highlight the intricate design of the doily. (Use battery operated votives when using paper bags). If the bride wants to incorporate this theme into every aspect of her wedding she can add some doily flowers to her bouquet or wear a single one in her hair. So if this wedding theme sounds like you, start combing garage sales, antique shops and grandma's closet to collect an assortment of doilies. The more different designs you find the better, for this will add interest to the decor. Click on the links below to find directions to the doily crafts above or further inspiration.


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