Before the Wedding Photo Ideas That Don't Spoil the Surprise

Pre-wedding photos The big reveal. The first time the groom sees his bride on the wedding day. This may be one of the most magical parts of the whole day. The anticipation, the excitement and the overwhelming flood of emotions. Whether you are traditional, superstitious or maybe just a fan of surprises, you want your hubby-to-be to wait until you walk down the aisle to see you for the first time on the wedding day.
It is becoming more and more common for couples to take most of their wedding pictures before the ceremony itself. This saves time and doesn't keep your guests waiting in between the ceremony and reception. Brides and grooms can even have a "first look". This intimate moment where the bride and groom first see each other takes place before the wedding and is captured by the photographer. Some of the most heart-felt, emotional photos may be taken at this time. While these pre-wedding pictures might be perfect for some brides, there are still a bunch of us out there that might still prefer to save the big reveal, for the moment the bride walks down the aisle to her groom. If you prefer to wait for this moment make sure that you have two photographers present, one to photograph the bride walking down the aisle and one to capture the groom's reaction.

If you are waiting to take your main wedding photos after the ceremony, there are still a few great shots that you can get in pre-wedding that won't spoil the big reveal! Once the bride and groom have gotten dressed and made up on the wedding day and shortly before the ceremony, take a few pictures of them together but without seeing each other. This can easily be accomplished by having the bride and groom stand on opposite sides of a door, room or wall. They can hold hands, pray together or blow imaginary kisses, but no peeking!

Another beautiful photo opportunity is to photograph the bride and groom before the wedding reading a love letter/ special note from the other. The photo can be taken separately of the bride and groom or together.

Pre-wedding photos

Pre-wedding photos

Whenever and however you choose to take your wedding photos they are sure to be magical and lasting memories of your special day. 

So brides, are you having any pre-wedding photos taken? When are you having your big reveal?

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