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Stacked Antique Book Card BoxOne of the special touches we love for weddings are unique wedding card boxes. This might not be something you have given much thought to yet and is probably just a small detail in the huge scheme of your wedding plans. But alas, take a moment to check out these fabulously original ideas to hold all the special cards your guests will bring you on your wedding day. Finding or making a unique wedding card box is just another way to carry your wedding theme through. Whether your wedding theme is vintage, modern or cutesy, tailor your card box to match the decor used throughout your venue. A tasteful, decorative card box can become a keepsake in your home after the wedding.
Stacked Antique Book Card BoxThis Stacked Antique Book Box (as seen at right and above) would make the perfect card box for a Victorian or Renaissance themed wedding, or really any wedding exuding "Old World" charm. This card box would also fit in at a fairytale or book themed event. This beautifully designed box is constructed to look like a stack of three elegantly weathered books. When you turn the stack on its side the top book will lift up to reveal a box to hold wedding cards or special notes from your guests. This piece would look wonderful displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf in your home after the wedding.
Special Delivery Letter BoxA Special Delivery Letter Box is the perfect spot to drop wedding cards for the bride and groom. This vintage twist on a mailbox/card box is charming and practical. Display this letter box next to the gift table and your guests will know exactly where to leave their sentiments. The top of the box lifts up for easy delivery of cards, small gifts or little notes to the happy couple. Personalize the box with the marrying couple's last name for a special keepsake they will treasure. After the wedding the box can be used at home to hold mail, magazines and newspapers.
Vintage Suitcase Card BoxGather wedding gifts and cards together in a gorgeous vintage suitcase. This flea market find can be fixed up to hold all of your wedding loot. Scavenge in your parents or grandparents attics or garage sale-hop until you find a charming vintage suitcase. Many older suitcases like this already have a pretty patterned liner. If yours doesn't, dress it up with a little retro fabric and a "Cards" sign to direct guests. This piece makes for a lovely display on your gift table.
If traditional is more your thing, check out our selection of wedding card boxes here.

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