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Milestone date table numbersThe table numbers at your wedding can be so much more than just a way to direct guests to the correct seats. Decorative table numbers can add to the ambiance of your venue and carry through the theme or décor for the evening.

While decorative table numbers are nice and can be an eye catching addition to the wedding scheme, why not utilize this space to showcase something personal to the bride and groom. Since the table numbers are sure to be seen by everyone, this is a great place to showcase something special.

Many times brides and grooms will showcase engagement pictures or memorable photos of themselves on the table numbers. I think I even recall an episode of TLC’s Four Weddings where a couple had a picture of one of their many pets on each table number! This fun addition to the table décor is a great conversation starter for guests and will get them to mingle throughout the room as they check out each unique table number.
Bride and groom age table numbers
One of the latest ideas I’ve come across in the wedding world for unique table numbers is showcasing a picture of the bride and groom on each table number with their age corresponding with the number. For example; on Table 8 there will be a picture of the bride at 8 years old and at table 15 a picture of the groom at age 15, etc. Or for each table number include pictures of both the bride and groom The more humorous the photos the better!! Your guests will get a kick out of these quirky table numbers.

Milestone date table numbersAnother great idea is to relate each table number to a special date or event in the bride and groom’s lives/relationship. For example Table 5 could represent the 5th day in May when the couple met. Or table 20, the day in July when the couple went on their first vacation together. The number could also represent other milestones or fun tidbits about the marrying couple like, Table 3 representing the number of pets the couple has or Table 20 represents the number of days the couple were together before they said “I love you”. Just print the facts in a smaller print under each table number. This is a great way for guests to find out more about the bride and groom!

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