Stirred, Not Shaken - Personalized Wedding Swizzle Sticks

Personalized swizzle sticks for your weddingNot quite sure what a swizzle stick is? It's just another term for a drink or cocktail stirrer. These practical tools aren't only necessary for mixing up your beverage, they also dress up your drink in a unique and sophisticated way. Because swizzle sticks can be personalized, using them at your wedding is a great way to showcase the bride and groom's monogram or a special greeting to guests. Also, if you are serving a signature cocktail at your wedding, personalize the swizzle sticks with the special name you came up with for the drink.
Personalized swizzle sticks for your wedding

The styles of swizzle sticks that are available range from chic and sophisticated to rustic and cutesy. So whether you are serving cosmos and martinis or chilled lemonade or coffee there is an appropriate accessory to accent your drink. Consider using swizzle sticks in alternative ways like to skewer fruit or cheese to make adorable kabobs to be served during cocktail hour. Your guests will love the unique touch of a personalized message or design that coordinates with the theme of your wedding. Another unique way to showcase swizzle sticks at your wedding is to personalize them with the table numbers for your reception. As guests arrive have a server consult a master list with the guest's names and table numbers and have them hand the guest a welcome cocktail with their coordinating table number personalized on the swizzle stick! The options are endless with this fun drink accessory!
Personalized swizzle sticks for your wedding

Check out our selection of Personalized Swizzle Sticks to find the perfect finishing touch to your wedding cocktails!

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