Wedding Candy Cookie Buffets

We love the idea of wedding cookie buffets instead of your standard candy buffet.  The candy buffet has been around now for a while and is still a popular choice among bride and grooms.  But we say skip the candy and opt for a homemade bakery treat instead.  With weddings today becoming more and more centered upon the little heartwarming details, it only makes sense to start injecting this amount of thoughtfulness into your food too!  What better way to bring a sense of love and family into your wedding day than through homemade cookies using your favorite family recipes.

Depending on the size of your cookie buffet, pick a handful of relatives to bake batches of cookies for your big day.  Find out in advance which cookies they are making and have signs printed up displaying which cookie is which.  Set out personalized goodie bags so your guests can fill up with treats to take home with them.  To add more of a personal touch, add the name of the person whose recipe it is.  Your family and friends will love picking out their favorites.


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