First Look Moments to Melt Your Heart

Bride Walking Towards Groom
Nothing melts our hearts quite like an emotional first look moment between a bride and groom, as they see each other for the first time on their wedding day.  We have collected some beautiful photos to share with you that capture that moment of overwhelming bliss.  
More couples today are opting to see each other before their ceremony, whether it is because they want more time for photographs, or because they simply want to spend some time enjoying each others' company before the festivities begin.  
Another growing trend is where the bride and groom will speak to each other or pray together before the ceremony, but will not see each other until the ceremony.  This is quite often done with the couple standing back-to-back, or on opposite sides of a wall or door.  
We hope you enjoy these adorable first look moments!
Seeing Each Other for the First Time Before the CeremonySeeing Each Other for the First Time at the Altar
Stolen Moments where the Bride and Groom are Together but do not See Each Other

Image Credits:  About to See Each Other for the First TimeBride and Groom Ecstatic, Groom Wiping Away Tears, Bride Wiping Groom's Tears, Embrace, Bride and Father, Groom Covering His Face, Groom Shouting, Bride Covering Groom's Eyes, Opposite Sides of the Door, Holding Hands, Opposite Sides of the Wall 

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