Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Finding gifts for the bride and groom doesn't have to be complicated.  Whether you're buying for the wedding day or just to say congrats, there are 3 simple ways to a sure fire gift that the newlyweds will love.

While selecting off the couple's registry is always a good choice, it can sometimes be a bit impersonal.  Everyone wants to give the happy couple a gift that is going to be special and meaningful.  Not just a gift off their registry but a personal gift.  A custom gift.  One that says 'Hey, I was really thinking of you.  I didn't want to just give you cash.  I wanted to give you something you would remember.'  To find that perfect gift, choose from one of three options.   For the home, For a photo, or For the hobbyists.  It's really that simple.

Monogrammed Table Linens
#1) For the home

You can never go wrong with a good housewarming gift.  This is possibly the easiest gift giving idea and will guarantee a heartfelt thank you every time.  Nearly every newlywed will have a new homestead to furnish after the big day.  With a custom housewarming gift, you can't go wrong.  And luckily there are hundreds of great gift ideas to choose from.  Monogrammed table linens, like the one shown left, will leave sense of luxury with the happy couple and are a memento they can pull out on special occasions to dress up the dinner table.  Other linens like monogrammed bath towels, sheet sets, and pillowcases are also great housewarming gifts.  Don't forget the kitchen.  Engraved glassware and wine gifts are traditional gifts for the bride and groom that have not lost their appeal.  Personalized wine glasses are great for the wine loves while monogrammed mason jars are a unique gift idea that will be unexpected but cherished.

Personalized Silver Picture Frames
#2) For a photo 

Capture the bride and groom's special day with gifts that will showcase their wedding photos.  Think engraved picture frames, collage frames, personalized photo albums, and photo coasters. For a unique twist on traditional picture frames, give the happy couple and nice bottle of wine tied with an engraved Christmas tree ornament they can use during their first Christmas together as man and wife.

#3) For the hobbyists

If your newlyweds are a couple that share a love for certain hobbies and activities, then play up on their interests.  Give them a gift that will mean the most to them by basing your gift idea on their shared hobby.  Do they love the outdoors?  Choose a gift like hiking gear, camping gear, skiing gear, or water sporting items.  Do the newlyweds love the travel?  Then they will love custom gifts like personalized luggage tags and leather passport holders.  For an extra special gift idea, monogrammed leather luggage sets are a gift idea that the bride and groom are unlikely to splurge on themselves and will be a gift they will cherish for years and years.

What are you getting the happy couple?  We realize that this is by no means a complete list of every gift idea there is.  We would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment and let us know what you're getting the bride and groom?  Is it one of these ideas or something completely different?

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