Fun Food Truck Catering for Your Wedding Celebration

Kissing CoupleA new year brings new trends in weddings, and one of the most talked about trends for 2013 is the use of food trucks in place of or as a compliment to traditional catering options.  Food trucks can be found on busy city streets, and are growing increasingly popular at weddings.  Not only is it fun to have a food truck at your event, it is convenient and unique.  They are a great alternative to conventional cuisine, given that most specialize in a certain type of food.  The diversity of food offered on these trucks is nothing short of incredible.  Some food trucks will allow you to customize your own menu and even name the items being served to your guests.

Food truck catering is definitely an option to consider when planning your wedding or next big event.  There are so many ways to use a food truck to compliment your wedding.  You can treat your guests to a full meal, or even just a few appetizers during cocktail hour as they wait for the newlyweds to arrive at the reception.   Another idea is waiting to surprise your guests with an end of the night snack.  What could be better than a food truck pulling up to surprise your guests once they start to get tired or hungry after a long evening of dancing and having a good time?  It would be quite the conversation starter, and a perfect way to end a wonderful night.

We have gathered some photos of beautiful weddings that have incorporated a food truck for your enjoyment.  We hope you enjoy these sweet shots!

Food Truck Wedding Inspiration

Food Truck Wedding Inspiration

Food Truck Wedding Inspiration

Image Credits:  Bride and Groom Kissing, Curbside Gourmet Mint-Colored Food Truck, Farm to Street Truck and Group Photo, Bride and Groom Order a Snack, Dressed Up Hamburger and French Fries, Ice Cream Truck, Bride and Groom Ice Cream Photo, Bride and Groom Posing by Food Truck, Carpe Donut Food Truck with Bride and Groom, Texas Tacos Truck and Menu, Just Married Couple, Bride and Groom Picnic Food Truck Wedding

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