Websites & Apps to Help You Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Bride at ComputerWhile preparing for your wedding day, we know it may be overwhelming to keep all of your information straight.  There will be guest lists, to-do lists, vendor information, contracts, and so much more to keep track of, all while trying to keep focused on your wedding vision.  Luckily, there are countless tools to help you plan for your big day, capture the day itself, and enjoy looking back at your wedding day for years to come.  

When you start to gather inspiration, it is important to have a means to keep it all organized and just a few clicks away.  Gone are the days of sifting through what seems like hundreds of bookmarks, trying to remember which one contains the centerpieces that would be just perfect for your event.  There are now sites that allow you to pull any photo from just about any website and even make notes below the photo for quick reference.  Just a click and you are taken directly to the site you need.  Pinterest and are available to do just this.  Some companies even create Pinterest boards to help inspire you, such as our collection of boards.

Smart PhoneWhen it comes to keeping the endless lists and paperwork organized, there are a lot of great sites that update in real-time every time a file or note is added.  This allows both you and your fianc√© access to the most current information from anywhere on any device, be it a computer, tablet, or phone.  Evernote allows you to keep all of your notes, files and images readily available.  Important information can be clipped directly from your favorite websites.  You can even take photos with your phone or tablet, record a short audio clip, and save for future reference.  Google Docs and Dropbox work in a similar manner.

Wedding websites and wedding apps will continue to be popular among brides.  As a bride in today’s world, we need all the help we can get!  Though these may seem like small things to think about in the scheme of planning a wedding, choosing the right wedding planning tools will help you to have a low-stress planning experience.

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  1. For today's tech-savvy couples, these apps should be just what they need!


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