Turquoise, Tangerine and Fuchsia - A Sweet and Fun Wedding Color Story

Turquoise Vases with Pink and Orange Flowers
With spring and summer right around the corner, I find myself daydreaming of green grass, bright flowers and warmer weather almost daily.  This week we have a fun inspiration board full of wedding inspiration for a wedding that brings together turquoise, tangerine, and fuchsia details for your enjoyment.  From the bright colored flowers and accessories to the playful wedding cake and unique place settings, this is the perfect combination for a beautiful sunny day.
Turquoise, Tangerine and Fuchsia Inspiration Board

Turquoise, Tangerine and Fuchsia Inspiration Board

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Bring Glamour and Camping Together for a Perfect Glamping Honeymoon

Glamping on Safari
Can you think of a more romantic honeymoon than lying under the stars with the person you will be spending the rest of your life with?  Camping seems to be one of the best ways to get back to basics and enjoy  your new husband or wife.  Unfortunately, camping is sometimes just a little too basic.  Before enjoying the night sky, you have to pack a tent, food, supplies, and leave all of the modern amenities behind.  Luckily for us, more and more glamping sites have been popping up across the country.  Glamping, or glamour camping, gives vacationers all the fun and nostalgia of camping without all of the hard work.  

Lodges, tepees, yurts, and glammed-up Airsteam trailers allow you to enjoy the outdoor experience with some of the comforts of home.  For example, you can choose a location that offers electricity, private bathrooms, king-sized beds with pillow-top mattresses, and concierge service.  If you would prefer something a little more down to earth, you can choose a glamping site that offers only oil-lamps and solar-panels that ensure you have warm showers.  Either way, it is probably best to leave your cell phone and other gadgets at home and just enjoy some time with your new husband or wife!

These luxury camp sites are located in beautiful places like Montana, Texas, California, Ohio, and South Carolina.  If you are looking for to go a little farther from home, check out sites in Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, and Thailand.  There are far too many locations for glamping to mention here, but with just a quick search you will be well on your way to a relaxing and down-to-earth honeymoon, with all of the amenities you are looking for. Wherever you decide to go for your honeymoon, make sure to enjoy each other as much as the beautiful scenery!
Glamping in the Mountains

Image Credits:  Glamping on Safari, Glamping in the Mountains

Inspiration for Your Wedding Welcome Gift Bags

If you are having a destination wedding or asking many of your guests to stay in hotel rooms, it's a good idea to include a little something special for those guests traveling to your wedding.  Wedding welcome gift bags are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding and say a special thank you to those loved ones.  But not every gift bag is created equal.  Many come in the form of baskets, reusable totes, paper bags, and boxes.  And even more different are the items you can put inside of your welcome bags.
Wedding Welcome Gift Bags, Ideas, and Inspiration
Ideas for what to include in your wedding gift bags can range from the hangover helper kit to local souvenirs and everything in between. To help you narrow down the perfect items for your guest gifts bags, we've included some of our favorite ideas.

Local Collectibles - Whether you are having a destination wedding or a backyard wedding, those unfamiliar with the area will love getting local memorabilia to take home with them. Include maps of the area and transportation maps for guests who may be staying the whole weekend.  Don't forget to mark any spots that are of particular interest.  Items that are famous to the area are the perfect complement to an OOT wedding gift bag and help polish the look of a welcome bag.  Hawaii wedding?  Include real flower leis in each gift bag.  Vermont wedding? Small bottles of local maple syrup will add to atmosphere of your wedding.

Don't forget your wedding details.  Your welcome bags are the perfect spot to include all the important details about your wedding.  Be sure to include your itinerary for the weekend and any contact phone numbers for guests that may have questions.  Throw in a personalized koozie or photo of the bride and groom with a hand written message on the back so guests have a small token to remember the day with.

Wedding Welcome Gift Bags, Ideas, and Inspiration

The Hangover Helper Kit has been increasing in popularity throughout the years and typically consists of everything you'll need to fend off the dreaded post-party hangover. To pull off a hangover kit, include items like a bottle of Coca-Cola, Aspirin, Water, gum, and Pepto Bismol or Tums. Add a pair of cheap sunglasses to the kit for a few laughs. A $5.00 gift certificate to Starbucks or McDonalds will be much appreciated for those looking for a coffee fix or greasy relief.

Food, Snacks, and Necessities - Include small snacks like crackers, chips, and cookies in your wedding gift bags for guests to munch on after their long flight or during the transition before your reception. These snacks also come in handy as late night munchies. Add other fun items like local magazines and mini bottles of wine or liquor. If there will be children attending the wedding, include a coloring book with crayons for them to enjoy. Lastly, don't forget toiletry items. While these functional items may be easy to overlook, many times they are the items that get the most appreciation.  Handy mini sewing kits will be a life saver for popped buttons. Other necessities like Chapstick, lint rollers, sunscreen, and mouthwash are just a few must-haves your wedding guests will be thanking you for.

Wedding Welcome Gift Bags, Ideas, and Inspiration

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