Spring Wedding Flowers

Feverfew, peonies, and roses Spring wedding bouquet
Congratulations Spring bride!  You get to be married during one of the most beautiful times of year; springtime.  A time of rebirth and renewal.  Lucky for you, the Spring season brings with it some of the most beautiful types of flowers for your wedding day.  By sticking with blooms that are found during the Spring season, you can save cost and have fresh flowers at your wedding without breaking the bank on out-of-season blooms.  The flowers that bloom during the Spring season will greatly depend on your location.  This handy flower guide shows common Spring blooming flowers typically seen in the Northern Hemisphere.  When choosing your flowers for your Spring wedding, an easy way to create a cohesive look is the carry your flower choice throughout your wedding decor into your bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. Don't be afraid to mix and match your spring flowers to create the perfect arrangement.  Blooms like Ranunculus and Wax Flower make great filler flowers and look beautiful when paired with complementing stems like roses or peonies.

Spring Wedding Flower Guide

A Carefree Bicycle Wedding Inspiration Board

Couple Riding BicyclesWith spring having just arrived, I can’t help but think about pulling my old bicycle out of storage and going for a long relaxing bike ride.  Listening to the birds sing and feeling the cool, crisp spring air would be a welcome change in pace!  Today, we are bringing you an inspiration board full of charming ideas for incorporating bicycles into your wedding day.  If you and your special someone love to hop on a tandem bicycle and enjoy some time together, using bicycle accents in your ceremony and reception may be a fun way to bring some personality to your wedding.  

You will surely evoke fond memories of bike riding for young and old alike by adding a bicycle design to napkins, invitations, or even custom gift bags for your guests.  There are many little touches that will bring a smile to your guests’ faces.  Bicycle bell favors with a custom sticker make for a perfect keepsake.  Try decorating with various styles of miniature bicycles with flowers woven through the handlebars or wheels.  Any of these ideas will make for a nostalgic and carefree atmosphere at your spring or summer wedding!

Bicycle Wedding Inspiration Board
Bicycle Wedding Inspiration Board

Things We Love - Creative Food Stations

Gone are the days of traditionally catered food selections like baked chicken and lasagna.  Today's couples are serving up more stylish food options in the form of fun and creative food stations.  Whether you are treating guests with pre-dinner appetizers, the entire main course, or dessert, food stations are a great way to inject a bit of interest into your wedding reception.  To pull off a successful food station, keep a few simple rules in mind.  For build to order menu options, have more than one cook so lines do not back up.  The same goes for multiple food stations.  Create two lines at popular stops to prevent line congestion.  Lastly, keep your theme in mind, let loose and get creative with your displays.  

Appetizers - Appetizer stations are a great choice during cocktail hour.  Guests can enjoy your tasty and creative treats while they wait for the newlyweds to arrive.  Popular appetizer food stations are vegetable displays, soup stations, sushi bars, cheese buffets, and breakfast and crepe stations.  One trend we love are miniature sized foods that typically would be seen as a main course.  Think mini sliders, mini fries, and itty bitty grilled cheese with shots of tomato soup.

Main Course - Serving your full reception menu in the form of food stations requires a bit more planning than smaller appetizer, drink, or dessert stations.  Keep in mind the quantity of food you will be needing to satisfy guest appetites.  Build your own buffets are a popular choice among couples and include anything from build your own taco buffets to upscale grilled cheese stations.  Other popular main course selections include potato bars, authentic inspired food stations, fair food inspired stations, and street vendor food carts.  Street vendor food carts can be found on nearly every busy city street these days.  Don't be afraid to consider renting one or more of these carts in lieu of traditional catering options.  Your guests will love your unexpected food choice.  Tip: We recommend staying away from miniature foods for your main course unless you plan on including other side dishes to create a balance of dishes for guests to fill up on.

Dessert - Candy buffets can be attributed as one of the original wedding food stations.  More recently, this wedding staple is taking a more creative turn in to form of themed dessert stations.  Popular options include a S'mores bar, build your own yogurt station, cookie buffet, and ice cream station.  Put a unique twist on typical dessert options by including a miniature dessert bar full of delectable itty bitty treats.  Mini stations full of bite sized cheesecakes, pies, cookies, and cake will have guests coming back from more.  Set out personalized candy bags next to your buffet so guests can also take their goodies home to enjoy later.

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