A Clambake Reception is Perfect for a Summer Wedding

Your guests will be elated to celebrate your nuptials with fine coastal cuisine and a more laid-back setting.
We recently discussed how special a beach wedding can be now that winter is finally over and warmer weather has arrived. And while a ceremony on the sand is memorable, there's no better way to celebrate your seaside nuptials than by having your reception on the beach as well. 
After you have said your "I dos," move the wedding party down the shore a bit to a clam bake set up just a few yards from where you exchanged vows. This takes the pressure off of your guests who would normally face the hassle of having to commute from one venue to another - an issue at many traditional weddings , and allows the high spirits your attendants felt watching you and your partner tie the knot continue rather than pause between ceremony and reception.
Additionally, coastal cuisine is a seasonal favorite that everyone at your reception will certainly be pleased to indulge in.
Keep the mood light and romantic at your outdoor party - much like you did during your ceremony - and have your guests sit on picnic tables and lawn chairs. Don't forget, it's not a clambake without a large, but contained, bonfire to cook your seafood and then illuminate the beach once the sun sets.
If you are contemplating gift ideas for wedding guests, you can incorporate the laid-back atmosphere of your clambake reception into your party favors by giving attendees personalized can and bottle koozies that they can use while they celebrate your big day.

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