How To Stay Cool and In-Style - A Fashion Guide For Your Beach Wedding

White Short Sweetheart Organza Beach Wedding Dress
We've frequently discussed ways to take advantage of the nice summer weather by having an outdoor wedding. One idea we've talked about is having a ceremony on the beach and then moving the party down shore for a clambake-theme reception. What's so fun about this kind of party is that it allows your guests to let loose and makes your entire wedding a much more casual affair than a traditional walk down the aisle.

While you might have the cool air blowing in off the ocean, you still need to take into consideration that the hot summer sun will be shining down on you and your guests. When you are lounging on the beach in a bathing suit and can freely take a dip in the water, the scorching heat is much more tolerable. But when you have to sit through a long wedding ceremony without protection from the sun, it can get downright torturous if you aren't dressed appropriately.

Instead of requiring your guests wear the traditional wedding attire - think suits and gowns - encourage everyone to dress down for the event. You can still look great when you take a casual approach if you go about it right, so tell your guests not to worry about being too dressy for your nuptials. After all, you want your attendees to remember your big day for being romantic and enjoyable, not for being sticky and uncomfortable.

While the bride is the only woman who should be wearing white during the ceremony, you want to make sure the guests are wearing light colors throughout the event, as these tones will reflect the sun's rays instead of absorbing thermal energy.

As we've proposed in the past, encourage your loved ones to wear sandals at your nuptials. This will work great for the clambake reception too, as guests can kick their shoes off and put their feet in the sand while they feast.

Khaki shorts are fine for the men at the ceremony, but make sure no one shows up just wearing a T-shirt or
Wedding party on the beach
tank top. Some kind of collar - whether they wear a polo or a short-sleeved button up - is perfect given the setting, but, again, make sure these guests avoid darker shades. Also, it's acceptable for gentlemen to wear white - it's not like they are competing with the bride's look - so allow the groomsmen to dress in white oxford clothes, for example.

Consider allowing the women at your reception to wear shorts as well. A tasteful pair of capris might be much more comfortable for your guests than a flowing dress or skirt - especially when you consider the sea breeze and the fact that temperatures are likely to drop at the clambake once the sun goes down.

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