Wedding Night Cocktails: A New Take On The Classic Manhattan

Wedding reception cocktails

Add glamour as well as flavor to your wedding
reception with creative  cocktails

While the main attraction at your wedding  will undoubtedly be your beautiful gown, gorgeous bouquet and impeccable hair and makeup, you don't want to miss any opportunity to impress your guests at every junction of your nuptials. Perhaps the best place to start is at the bar.

Whether you're having a cocktail hour before you walk down the aisle or plan on keeping the bartender at your reception pumping out drinks all night long, if you have an impressively stocked bar serving up creative combinations of spirits, your loved ones will surely have fond memories of your big day.

The Huffington Post recently polled the top mixologists from around the country to find out their favorite wedding cocktails. Pick your favorites from their list and put together a menu that your guests can look over at the bar, so that they will step out of their comfort zones and sample delicious drinks they wouldn't likely find anywhere else.

Ryan Smith of Fluid Bar in Burlington, Vermont, proposes that you serve the groomsmen at your wedding a Maple Manhattan. Like the regular bourbon-and-sweet-vermouth concoction, Smith adds a hint of maple syrup to his Manhattan to give it an added sweetness that complements the whiskey by taking off some of the edge without diminishing any of the smokiness connoisseurs crave.

Serve these drinks with a customized plastic tumbler and drop in a swizzle stick to create a cocktail that's a step above your average Manhattan. Top it all off by dropping a fresh cherry in every cup.

Photo Credit: Catherine Hall Studios


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