Get A Carriage For Your Marriage: Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas

Bride and groom in wedding carriageDuring the planning stages, most brides-to-be are solely focused on perfecting their grand entrance during the ceremony — but what about making a spectacular exit after the reception? When you ride off into the sunset with your new husband, the memory of the car taking you both away from the party and off to a life of wedded bliss will be as lasting to guests as your first steps walking down the aisle.

While limousines are considered the go-to mode of transport when it comes to bringing the VIPs to and from the ceremony and after party, consider affixing your "Just Married" sign to the rear of one of these less-conventional rides.

Bride and groom with antique car
Room for two - While a stretch limousine may seem like the height of luxury, it's hardly very romantic sitting in a cavernous back seat designed to fit a dozen others. Cozy up with your husband and choose an antique roadster for your exit vehicle that only has room for the two of you. Let him play the chauffeur, and keep the top down so that passersby can congratulate you en route to your honeymoon destination.

Public Transportation - If you live in a city that is known for an iconic trolley system or vintage taxicabs, look into booking a charter for one of these rides on your big day. This is an especially unique option for couples that have a lot of pride for their city, and many municipalities or transportation companies have rides - even replica trolley cars - that are available for events just like this.

Period Piece - Weddings that incorporate a vintage flair have been especially popular of late, with more couples looking to give their nuptials the grandeur of receptions from the early 1900s. Inspired in part by the recent success of the blockbuster film "The Great Gatsby," a jazz-age wedding has unparalleled glamour, which can only be enhanced by a vintage car from the 1920s chauffeuring the couple away on their wedding night.

Two wheels instead of four - While you'll be sacrificing cabin space, riding a motorcycle or a motor scooter away from the ceremony is one of the most romantic exits imaginable. This should only be attempted if you or your fiancé are licensed to drive a motorcycle - and the length of the wedding dress will need to be taken into consideration - but riding off into the sunset on a Harley or a Vespa will be truly unforgettable.

A literal carriage - While it may not be as fast as a sports car or as flashy as a limo, an actual horse-drawn carriage is classic and charming - perfect for weddings that embrace any theme.

However you plan on closing out the reception, make sure that you travel safely and responsibly, and above all, enjoy the ride! 

5 Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas For Fall Weddings

Fall theme off-balance wedding cake
The quintessential wedding cake consists of several towering tiers of creamy frosting with nondescript bride and groom figurines proudly standing aloft the top-most layer. While this approach is traditional, it is also extremely forgettable, as a standard-issue wedding cake will hardly make an impression on your guests or stand out at your reception. This is especially true for fall weddings, where you want the cake to help establish the overall aesthetic and act as a centerpiece for the entire celebration.

Below is a list of fun cake ideas will not only satisfy your taste in style but also your appetite, covering all the bases for your fall wedding. These designs run the gamut, whether you are looking for a high-fashion delicacy or a cake that ties your theme completely together.

1. The Fruit Cake - The term "fruit cake" usually has a negative connotation, whether you are discussing a crazy person or the seasonal treat that tends to get trashed during the Christmas season. If done right, you won't be regifting this cake, as you can ask your designer to use marzipan to create seasonal fruits - think apples, berries and even pumpkins - that can be placed on the tiers of your cake. The flavors on each level can reflect a different fruit used in decoration, allowing the cake to be as beautiful as it is delicious.

2. Off-Balance Cake - For those who like pushing the extremes of cake architecture, this design will definitely leave a lasting impression. Instead of a structure composed of tiers that gradually decrease in circumference as they go up, have your designer layer similarly sized cakes one over the other with each piece centered near the edge of the one below it, achieving an almost spiral effect. Accent it with delicate orange and yellow flowers reminiscent of those in season to tie in the autumn look.

3. Candy Plus Cake - While you may not be embracing the entire Halloween theme at your fall wedding, 
autumn and winter are undeniably the busiest times of year for candy makers, and incorporating your favorite sweets into the reception is something everyone will appreciate. Go for a smaller wedding cake and have a candy bar surrounding it that features either your favorite seasonal confections or a few gourmet variations - think cupcake-sized Reese's cups. This will give your guests some variety and supply that sugar kick everyone needs to get on the dance floor.

4. Chocolate Cake - It's true that you are playing it safe by sticking with a vanilla cake, as chocolate isn't everybody's cup of tea, but with shorter days and longer nights, it's alright to go a little darker with the decor at the reception - including the cake. A rich chocolate frosting will be stunning if accented appropriately with designs like cream-colored scrolls or piping. You can even integrate some subtle marzipan foliage into the presentation if you feature warmly colored decor throughout your venue.

5. Wedding Pies - Apple, pecan and pumpkin pie are quintessential fall deserts, and for a crowd pleasing favorite at your reception, opt out of cake all together.  Create a pie stand that mimics the ascending structure of a traditional cake and place your bride and groom toppers accordingly.

Regardless of the cake style you choose, you'll want to add fall wedding napkins personalized with the bride and groom's name and wedding date to your cake table. Cake table napkins can designs with colors and designs to perfectly compliment your wedding cake.

Have fun at your wedding and surprise your guests with a fall-themed cake that will truly leave an impression.

Make Your 25th A Truly Silver Anniversary

Personalized 25th anniversary party napkins
A wedding day is unquestionably an important milestone, but when a couple makes their marriage last for 25 years, it is just as big a cause for celebration. Making it to a "silver anniversary" further solidifies the fact that two people found a partner they will be able to share the rest of their life with, and that though there may have been bumps along the way, these two have accomplished quite a remarkable feat.

Plan to celebrate this big day with as much enthusiasm as a wedding. Since this is the silver anniversary, the theme for your celebration is already decided for you - silver everything! Before you can get the party started, however, there is a lot of planning that will go into making sure this celebration is as memorable as the wedding 25 years ago.

Choosing the right venue: There are a lot of considerations that go into choosing a venue for this anniversary. For example, you could choose a moment from the couple's past that will remind them of when they met before their wedding, like the location where he popped the question. You could also pick a setting that commemorates the life they have built since they first tied the knot, like a favorite restaurant or even the family's back yard. Whatever you do, deck the place with accents that emphasize the theme, like toasting flutes engraved with silver fonts and silver plated place card holders. Add a special touch and romantic charm to the buffet table and cake table with personalized 25th Anniversary napkins.  

Entertainment: You can choose a DJ, a band or even make a playlist on your laptop or mp3 player - whatever you do, make sure you play music that is important to the couple. From the first dance at their wedding as man and wife, to the songs the bride and groom waltzed with their parents too - there are plenty of options.

Silver number cake picks for 25th wedding anniversary
Getting the right cake: This one should be a no-brainer - just look to the original wedding cake for silver number cake topper that displays "25" for all to see. If you don't want an elaborate cake for the anniversary party, make a wedding cake in miniature that will function more as a decoration and feed guests sheet cake that is easier to prepare and serve.
inspiration! There will surely be pictures from the reception that you can show a baker or even a relative with cooking skills to replicate. However, instead of having a bride and groom standing on top of the cake, replace your topper with a

Whether you are planning an anniversary for a loved one or your own special day to commemorate, even the smallest details make a world of difference.

Some Cocktail Popsicle Recipes For A Summer Wedding Reception

Cocktail popsicles on a serving tray
Image Source: Snippet & Ink
In the past, we've discussed how summer weddings give brides and grooms a wide array of options when it comes to putting together a ceremony that is memorable not just for the couple, but all of their friends and loved ones in attendance on the big day. Specifically, an outdoor wedding that utilizes the summer weather can be especially enjoyable, presenting you with the opportunity to enhance the scene at your nuptials with a gorgeous vista as a backdrop.

Recently, we also discussed how choosing the right food and drink at the wedding can make or break a wedding reception, as choosing certain menus over others will help keep your budget in line while still keeping your guests satisfied. However, the challenges of planning the perfect reception for after you tie the knot have the potential to get even more tricky when you have to plan for an outdoor party.

One perfect creation for any outdoor wedding is a popsicle for grownups. Frozen cocktails have become hot commodities at outdoor events across the country according to the Huffington Post's Taste section of their website. These creations are ideal because they'll help keep guests cool during a warm wedding on the beach and can easily be kept in a standard portable cooler - perfect for outdoor receptions without large bars set up.
Cocktail Popsicle Ideas
Image Source: A Northwest Wedding Blog by Luxe Event Productions 
There are a lot of different delicious recipes that couples should investigate for their wedding. One surprisingly delicious cocktail popsicle dreamed up at the lifestyle blog Hungry Girl Por Vida mixes watermelon, tequila and mint. To make a batch for your guests, the you'll need the following ingredients:

1/4 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup fresh mint, torn coarsely
4 cups watermelon, cubed
juice of 2 limes
1/3 cup tequila

Mix the mint, sugar and water together, bring to a boil and let sit until the sugar has completely dissolved. This will create a simple syrup that you'll need to drain through a fine sive and set aside while you prepare the rest of your items.

Make a puree out of the watermelon and wine juice using any kind of food processor and be sure to strain so that seeds don't find their way into your cocktail popsicle. Mix the syrup, puree and tequila together and pour them into a popsicle mold of your choosing. Add sticks to the mold after about 30 minutes of freezing, then chill your cocktail pops in the freezer for the next day or two.

For more tantalizing cocktail popsicle recipes including Tangerine Rum Popsicles, Watermelon Rum Popsicles, and Havana Mojito Popsicles, visit Luxe Event Productions

We also, recommend these alcoholic popsicle reipes.

Personalized Destination Wedding Gifts For Mom And Dad

Parents of the bride and groom
Destination weddings are a popular option for many couples, as there is nothing more memorable than tying the knot at a scenic locale that you'll forever associate with your big day. Best of all, when you invite your loved ones to an exotic location, you're technically treating them to a vacation as well, giving guests a chance to break out of their daily routine as well as share in the excitement of your big day.

While you may think that you and your partner are the people most excited about the wedding, it's also one of the most important moments in your parents' lives as well. For mom and dad, not only does this mark a major turning point for their child, who is about to start a new family of their very own, but it also officially welcomes a new individual into the clan, changing everyone's life forever. The vacation aspect of a destination wedding is just the icing on the cake for your parents.

However, travel is never easy, especially when you are transporting attire for a formal event. Whether you are inviting your loved ones a day's car ride down the coast for your nuptials or flying the whole crew out to a foreign country, you want to make sure you aren't making your big day a hassle for anyone coming - especially your loving parents.

To show them your appreciation for making the trip to your wedding - and simply for being there for you through all of your life's major milestones - buy them a gift that will not only function as a keepsake but helps make traveling as easy as possible.

Personalized leather cosmetic travel case
A Great Gift Idea for Mom - For mom, consider buying her a Double Sided Leather Cosmetic Travel Case, personalized with her name or initials and in a color that suits her character. The kind sold at My Wedding Reception Ideas has compartments for everything she'll need when making this or any trip in the future, allowing her to keep all of her toiletries in one convenient place.

Personalized genuine Nappa cowhide leather passport holder
A Practical Gift Idea for Dad - When it comes to showing dad you care, consider one of two routes. For a sentimental and useful keepsake, a Personalized Nappa Leather Airline Ticket Passport Holder can help him keep everything he'll need for getting in and out of the airport in one easy to access spot. Another great tool that is great for either parent is the Leather Carry On Garment Cover, which can help keep dad's suit or mom's dress pressed and clean throughout the trip so they can simply hop into their outfit on the big day without having to worry about wrinkles or stains.

Whatever you get your folks to commemorate the wedding, the important thing is that you take a personalized approach to make the gift as special as possible.

Have Your Friends And Family Help Out With Dessert At Your Reception

Wedding dessert buffet
Although the big event at any wedding is the actual moment the happy couple says "I do," everyone looks forward to the reception, as it comes with great food, drinks and the newlyweds' first dance as man and wife. This is the part of the nuptials where everyone who got all gussied up for the big event lets loose, and despite looking great in their formal attire, dances the night away as if they were at a night club or high school dance.

The meal, however, is the main focus at any reception - after all, you'll need to have something to eat in order to fuel your moves on the dance floor later in the evening. After hors d' oeurves are served, a few glasses of champagne have been thrown back and the catering staff has cleared the plates from the main course, you'll need to be sure that you feed every one's sweet tooth with some dessert they'll never forget.

Picking just one dessert that everyone at your party will enjoy can be tricky. While you may love a slice of pecan pie, some guests may hate nuts, or if others have an unquenchable craving for chocolate, still others might prefer a fruity dessert that is more refreshing than sugary.

Give everyone a few options by setting up a buffet table at your reception for this portion of the meal. This is a great way to transition from the sit-down portion of the night into the part where attendees from different tables get up and start to mingle.

You'll of course be serving some wedding cake, but complement it with a series of bite-sized creations so
Rustic wedding dessert buffet
Rustic dessert buffet by Once Upon a Wedding Cake
that guests can fill their plates with several different mouth-watering treats. This is yet another fun way to get your friends and family involved - not to mention save a few bucks on catering costs - by asking your closest bridesmaids to bring some baked goods or other creations to serve at the table. If your aunt has a famous brownie recipe, for example, or your maid of honor makes a praline worth writing home about, they would probably be more than happy to whip up a batch for you as part of your wedding gift.

Decorate the table with personalized wedding napkins and plates, and let your beautiful wedding cake do the heavy lifting aesthetically by serving as the table's centerpiece. Place your other treats in a circle around the cake or on either side of this centerpiece at the buffet.

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