Make Your 25th A Truly Silver Anniversary

Personalized 25th anniversary party napkins
A wedding day is unquestionably an important milestone, but when a couple makes their marriage last for 25 years, it is just as big a cause for celebration. Making it to a "silver anniversary" further solidifies the fact that two people found a partner they will be able to share the rest of their life with, and that though there may have been bumps along the way, these two have accomplished quite a remarkable feat.

Plan to celebrate this big day with as much enthusiasm as a wedding. Since this is the silver anniversary, the theme for your celebration is already decided for you - silver everything! Before you can get the party started, however, there is a lot of planning that will go into making sure this celebration is as memorable as the wedding 25 years ago.

Choosing the right venue: There are a lot of considerations that go into choosing a venue for this anniversary. For example, you could choose a moment from the couple's past that will remind them of when they met before their wedding, like the location where he popped the question. You could also pick a setting that commemorates the life they have built since they first tied the knot, like a favorite restaurant or even the family's back yard. Whatever you do, deck the place with accents that emphasize the theme, like toasting flutes engraved with silver fonts and silver plated place card holders. Add a special touch and romantic charm to the buffet table and cake table with personalized 25th Anniversary napkins.  

Entertainment: You can choose a DJ, a band or even make a playlist on your laptop or mp3 player - whatever you do, make sure you play music that is important to the couple. From the first dance at their wedding as man and wife, to the songs the bride and groom waltzed with their parents too - there are plenty of options.

Silver number cake picks for 25th wedding anniversary
Getting the right cake: This one should be a no-brainer - just look to the original wedding cake for silver number cake topper that displays "25" for all to see. If you don't want an elaborate cake for the anniversary party, make a wedding cake in miniature that will function more as a decoration and feed guests sheet cake that is easier to prepare and serve.
inspiration! There will surely be pictures from the reception that you can show a baker or even a relative with cooking skills to replicate. However, instead of having a bride and groom standing on top of the cake, replace your topper with a

Whether you are planning an anniversary for a loved one or your own special day to commemorate, even the smallest details make a world of difference.

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