Some Cocktail Popsicle Recipes For A Summer Wedding Reception

Cocktail popsicles on a serving tray
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In the past, we've discussed how summer weddings give brides and grooms a wide array of options when it comes to putting together a ceremony that is memorable not just for the couple, but all of their friends and loved ones in attendance on the big day. Specifically, an outdoor wedding that utilizes the summer weather can be especially enjoyable, presenting you with the opportunity to enhance the scene at your nuptials with a gorgeous vista as a backdrop.

Recently, we also discussed how choosing the right food and drink at the wedding can make or break a wedding reception, as choosing certain menus over others will help keep your budget in line while still keeping your guests satisfied. However, the challenges of planning the perfect reception for after you tie the knot have the potential to get even more tricky when you have to plan for an outdoor party.

One perfect creation for any outdoor wedding is a popsicle for grownups. Frozen cocktails have become hot commodities at outdoor events across the country according to the Huffington Post's Taste section of their website. These creations are ideal because they'll help keep guests cool during a warm wedding on the beach and can easily be kept in a standard portable cooler - perfect for outdoor receptions without large bars set up.
Cocktail Popsicle Ideas
Image Source: A Northwest Wedding Blog by Luxe Event Productions 
There are a lot of different delicious recipes that couples should investigate for their wedding. One surprisingly delicious cocktail popsicle dreamed up at the lifestyle blog Hungry Girl Por Vida mixes watermelon, tequila and mint. To make a batch for your guests, the you'll need the following ingredients:

1/4 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup fresh mint, torn coarsely
4 cups watermelon, cubed
juice of 2 limes
1/3 cup tequila

Mix the mint, sugar and water together, bring to a boil and let sit until the sugar has completely dissolved. This will create a simple syrup that you'll need to drain through a fine sive and set aside while you prepare the rest of your items.

Make a puree out of the watermelon and wine juice using any kind of food processor and be sure to strain so that seeds don't find their way into your cocktail popsicle. Mix the syrup, puree and tequila together and pour them into a popsicle mold of your choosing. Add sticks to the mold after about 30 minutes of freezing, then chill your cocktail pops in the freezer for the next day or two.

For more tantalizing cocktail popsicle recipes including Tangerine Rum Popsicles, Watermelon Rum Popsicles, and Havana Mojito Popsicles, visit Luxe Event Productions

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