Get A Carriage For Your Marriage: Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas

Bride and groom in wedding carriageDuring the planning stages, most brides-to-be are solely focused on perfecting their grand entrance during the ceremony — but what about making a spectacular exit after the reception? When you ride off into the sunset with your new husband, the memory of the car taking you both away from the party and off to a life of wedded bliss will be as lasting to guests as your first steps walking down the aisle.

While limousines are considered the go-to mode of transport when it comes to bringing the VIPs to and from the ceremony and after party, consider affixing your "Just Married" sign to the rear of one of these less-conventional rides.

Bride and groom with antique car
Room for two - While a stretch limousine may seem like the height of luxury, it's hardly very romantic sitting in a cavernous back seat designed to fit a dozen others. Cozy up with your husband and choose an antique roadster for your exit vehicle that only has room for the two of you. Let him play the chauffeur, and keep the top down so that passersby can congratulate you en route to your honeymoon destination.

Public Transportation - If you live in a city that is known for an iconic trolley system or vintage taxicabs, look into booking a charter for one of these rides on your big day. This is an especially unique option for couples that have a lot of pride for their city, and many municipalities or transportation companies have rides - even replica trolley cars - that are available for events just like this.

Period Piece - Weddings that incorporate a vintage flair have been especially popular of late, with more couples looking to give their nuptials the grandeur of receptions from the early 1900s. Inspired in part by the recent success of the blockbuster film "The Great Gatsby," a jazz-age wedding has unparalleled glamour, which can only be enhanced by a vintage car from the 1920s chauffeuring the couple away on their wedding night.

Two wheels instead of four - While you'll be sacrificing cabin space, riding a motorcycle or a motor scooter away from the ceremony is one of the most romantic exits imaginable. This should only be attempted if you or your fiancé are licensed to drive a motorcycle - and the length of the wedding dress will need to be taken into consideration - but riding off into the sunset on a Harley or a Vespa will be truly unforgettable.

A literal carriage - While it may not be as fast as a sports car or as flashy as a limo, an actual horse-drawn carriage is classic and charming - perfect for weddings that embrace any theme.

However you plan on closing out the reception, make sure that you travel safely and responsibly, and above all, enjoy the ride! 

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