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Pink and gold theme outdoor reception lounge areaGive your guests a chance to relax and get a break from the dancing and high energy of your reception by providing an area reserved for peace and quiet!

For the younger generation, weddings are all about the reception—the food, music, and dancing. But for the elderly guests, the party can be exhausting! Babies and toddlers, too, can get worn out from the party and no one wants to be around a fussy baby.

The lounge will also provide a place for the guests to mingle with others and catch up with old friends and family members. Even just a small space can help all of your guests enjoy the day to its fullest.

If you’re hosting your own reception, place a couple of chairs and couches with a small table in a room close enough to the dancing that your guests will still feel included, but far enough away so that they can rest.

If you’re renting a venue, ask if they have a room or even a hallway where you could set up a few chairs.

If your reception is outside, find an area that gets plenty of shade. If shade is not an option, you might want to get a small tent.
Wedding reception lounge with TV
Be sure to offer various types of seating so everyone can find somewhere comfortable to sit. Think about how long your guest list is, too. Plan accordingly to provide adequate seating. With the furniture, you might want to include a few photo albums and games. It’s also a good idea to provide some light snacks, ice water, and coffee.

If you’re not worried about guests being tired, you can use the lounge for lots of other things.
Outdoor coffee table lounge

Add a few ashtrays and make it a smoking lounge.

Have a build-your-own drink station and provide multiple mixers and alcohols as well as different glasses and stirrers.

Set up a photo booth next to the chairs so guests can sit and wait for their turn to take a picture or just watch everyone else pose.

The lounge would also be a good place for a caricature artist to set up. You could set up board games or other games such as cornhole, ladder golf, or any other game that requires a lot of space.

If you and your partner are sports fans, you could set up a television and turn on the game.

Another option with a TV is to hook up a gaming system and have games like Just Dance or Temple Run, so multiple people can play together at one time. Make sure you have extra controllers and batteries!
Contemporary outdoor wedding reception lounge with zebra print rug
There are, of course, many more ways to use a reception lounge. Comment below and share your ideas with us!

Image Credits:  Pink and gold theme outdoor reception lounge areaWedding reception lounge with TVOutdoor coffee table loungeContemporary outdoor wedding reception lounge with zebra print rug

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