A Great Gatsby Themed Wedding: The Party of the Year

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding Inspiration
One of this summer’s most anticipated movies was The Great Gatsby. Whether you loved reading the novel, parties, the 1920s, or any of the cast members, this movie appealed to almost everyone.
Although the movie failed in the eyes of those who read the book, there is still a lot to be said for certain aspects: the parties, the dancing, and the music. It was a movie that appealed to the senses, and it exceeded expectations in that regard.

So whether you prefer Jay or Nick, Daisy or Jordan, here’s how to throw a roarin’ 20s wedding that would make Jay Gatsby’s parties look like a backyard barbecue:

The Venue and Decorations

Pick a location that is open and has plenty of space for dancing. Choose big, fancy lighting and decorations in elegant colors: think white, black, and gold.

A venue that has both indoor and outdoor seating is ideal for a summer wedding. Use lanterns for lights outside, and trail ivy around the furniture or any railings or fences.

Inside, choose tall, leafy plants, so the centerpieces on the table are big, but the blooms are high enough that your guests can see the people they are seated with.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote many beautiful sayings about love. Use these quotes as part of your centerpieces.

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding Inspiration

The Dress

Dress to the nines for this glamorous occasion. You can choose to completely embrace the theme and dress like they did in the 1920s, in dresses with dropped waistlines and single-breasted suits.

Ladies, wear lots of long strands of pearls, gloves, and feathers or a headband in your hair. Remember, the more sequins, the better! Gentlemen, top hats, bowties, and pocket squares are encouraged.

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding Inspiration

The Music

Anything you can dance to! The 1920s were a fun, fast-paced, casual age. They loved to party and dance. The most popular music during this decade was jazz, so choose music with lots of brass instruments and swinging rhythms to stay true to the theme.

The Food

In the 1920s, party hosts tended to be more concerned with appearance and drinks than the food. However, one food they did love was oysters. Their drink of choice was champagne – they were always celebrating!

Decorate your wedding cake with golden art deco, and complement it with black and white desserts.

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding Inspiration

The End

End the night with a fireworks show and drive away in a vintage car, leaving your guests happily lost in the past.

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