Movie-Themed Wedding Ideas: Be the Star on Your Big Day

Hollywood movie place card frame
Are you planning a themed wedding? There are many themes to choose from, and many are tried and true. If you’re looking for something different and new, however, you might want to try a movie-themed wedding.

It’s no secret that people love themed parties. We take our favorite things and use them as props to celebrate with. Fictional characters, historical events, holidays, and so many more things make a party fun and meaningful. Even weddings can take on a theme. Sometimes it’s based off of a color theme, other times the bride wants a beach or vintage theme. Themes give an event a united focus, making it easier to plan decorations, attire, and everything else!

What movie should you pick?
When people think of a fairytale wedding, Disney’s princesses often come to mind first. Many women want to feel like Cinderella on their wedding day, so a princess movie is an obvious choice for a wedding theme. It’s not the only option, though.

Movie theme engagement photo ideaDo you and your spouse-to-be share a favorite movie? Maybe it’s the movie you first saw together or a romantic comedy you think parallels your relationship. Or maybe you like a particular production company, like Pixar or 20th Century Fox.

Pick a movie that fits your personalities, one that you think is the perfect romance movie, or even one that was filmed in the same area as your wedding. There are hundreds of possibilities for how and what to pick.

How to incorporate movies into your wedding
Make your guests feel like movie stars and the bride feel like the leading lady with a red carpet aisle to walk down.

Set up a photo booth that would make even the best paparazzi jealous. Include a backdrop that shows a theme from your movie or a photo stand-in of your favorite characters.
Wedding movie photo booth props
If you’re not into photo booths, set up a video camera instead. Provide a few movie props such as popcorn, 3D glasses, a movie ticket, a cardboard megaphone, or clapboard. Ask the guests to grab a few props and leave the newlyweds advice using quotes from romantic movies.

Use miniature clapboard or Hollywood movie theme place card holders to reserve seats for your guests of honor.

Take the movie poster and turn it into a Save the Date or invitation to your wedding.

Take engagement photos that match photos from the movie you chose, such as this picture, mimicking “Lady and the Tramp:”
Lady and The Tramp movie engagement photo idea

If you want to wholeheartedly embrace this theme, you can make a trailer to announce your engagement. For lots of fun, you could make an over-the-top video announcement like Jeff and Erin’s EPIC Wedding Trailer, or you can make a simple but cute animation telling the story of your relationship.

Another bonus to making a video announcement is saving money on printing and mailing paper announcements, as well as going green by not using paper!

Favor and gift ideas
Give personalized party bags filled with popcorn, favorite movie candies and other goodies as favors to your guests.

For the bridal party, what about movie theater vouchers or a home movie night kit? Include popcorn, drinks, candy, and a DVD or Redbox gift card. Add a personalized gift that goes along with the theme of the wedding. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, a nice addition would be popcorn seasoning or a small blanket. For the final touch, add a thank you note that looks like a movie ticket, or if you’re feeling ambitious, record your thank you message, move-style, of course!

Be sure to stop back next week for ideas for movie-themed engagement, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and wedding showers.

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