How to Brighten Your Fall Color Scheme

Red, yellow, orange, and brown are probably the first colors you think of when you hear the phrase fall color scheme. These colors are certainly bold, prominent colors during autumn, but there are other colors that can make your color scheme just as fall inspired while bringing a brighter, refreshing addition to your palette.
Yellow, gray, and navy blue fall wedding

Consider accenting the four main colors of fall (red, yellow, orange and brown) with gold, green, or blue. These dynamics will make your main color or colors stand out while adding a refreshing splash of color to your display, bouquets, or clothes.
Teal and orange fall wedding
Amnesia rose bouquetPurple is another bright, bold fall color that works well as a major color. It also allows for a variety of accent colors. You can choose varying shades of purple or, for a loud color scheme, choose a pale yellow or a bright orange. Blue and silver are also complementary accent colors for purple.
Pink is an accent color that will complement almost any color you want to use. For red and brown, use pale or darker shades. Bright shades of pink are best when paired with yellow. You can use any shade of pink with purple, blue, and orange.
Purple and orange wedding cakeThe time of your wedding is also an important factor when it comes to choosing a color scheme. In early fall – late August and September – you should incorporate more red and yellow. In October and early November, use brighter colors – yellow, purple, orange – for your wedding, to contrast the bareness of the trees.
Fall gives us an explosion of colors, so let your wedding reflect that! Don’t be afraid to have four or more colors in your color scheme, and don’t be afraid to be bold!

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 is an undergraduate at Ohio Northern University with a double major in professional writing and creative writing and a minor in psychology. Liz writes for My Wedding Reception Ideas as well as creates multi-modal writing projects for Re:Media, an Ohio Northern University online publication.

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