Eloping: Not Just for the Money

Many young girls spend a lot of their time dreaming about having a big, elaborate, beautiful wedding. Usually, as they get older, these dreams remain the same. But more and more women are choosing to have small, intimate ceremonies – or no ceremony at all.

In the past, eloping has sometimes been looked down upon as a way to avoid a scandal. Today, it’s becoming more acceptable, and much more practical.

Eloping is InPerhaps the most common reason to elope is to save money. It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. Renting a venue, catering food for hundreds of people, paying a professional photographer, and everything else really adds up to a big bill. Eloping means you can spend more money on your honeymoon – or save more for the future.

You’ll also be helping other people save money. You won’t have a bridal party who will have to buy dresses or rent suits. You won’t have guests who have to buy gifts for you. Your guests won’t have to spend money on travelling.

There are quite a few more valid reasons to consider eloping.  There can be a lot of drama with weddings. Family members not getting along, friends feeling excluded, and stepping on the wrong person’s toes can all be avoided by keeping the guest list to just the two of you.

An elopement also increases the intimacy of your marriage. A big ceremony often ends up being a big show for your guests. When it’s just you and your partner, you can focus on each other and your love and commitment to each other. 

Elopement Ceremony

If you’re concerned about money, or any of the other examples listed above, but still want to celebrate with a large group, there are ways to do that. You could have a small ceremony with just your immediate family and then have a large reception. You could also elope and have a reception when you return from your honeymoon.

The most important thing about eloping is to make sure you and your partner are both in agreement. Talk through all of your options and make a decision together!

 is an undergraduate at Ohio Northern University with a double major in professional writing and creative writing and a minor in psychology. Liz writes for My Wedding Reception Ideas as well as creates multi-modal writing projects for Re:Media, an Ohio Northern University online publication.

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