Leave Your Paper Guestbook in the Stone Ages with Signing Stones

Not all wedding traditions are set in stone, but your guest book can be. Instead of using a traditional bound paper book for your guests to leave you a message in, consider having them each sign a stone. Guest signing stones are a unique and interesting way to capture your guests' names and good wishes for your marriage, and your guests will love this fun guest book alternative. 

Why? You may be hesitant to let go of the idea that you have to have a guestbook at your wedding, because that’s “what has always been done.” Here are a few reasons to reconsider:
  • A book will eventually be placed on a bookshelf, or maybe even in a box, and won’t be looked at except for perhaps on your anniversary.
  • The stones can be displayed in a vase or bowl or in a garden or terrarium, where they can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • No tradition is forever. If you want to change something, change it. This is your wedding and you can have whatever sort of guest book you’d like!

How? These signing stones are super simple. All you need to do is set up a table near the door to the reception hall. Scatter the stones on the table with a couple markers (a fine point permanent marker writes well on stones) and a note telling your guests what to do. Then relax and let your loved ones write a special message to you and your spouse!

Another great way to incorporate this natural accent in your wedding is to write your guests’ names on stones and use them as placeholders at the tables. Provide one or two markers at each table. Your guests will be able to write their note to the bride and groom while they are enjoying the reception. This will also give them all night to think about what they want to write.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about a stone guest book!

 is an undergraduate at Ohio Northern University with a double major in professional writing and creative writing and a minor in psychology. Liz writes for My Wedding Reception Ideas as well as creates multi-modal writing projects for Re:Media, an Ohio Northern University online publication.

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