11 June 2014

10 Country Chic & Rustic Wedding Tablescapes

Around here we love country weddings.  Can't get enough of them!  They conjure that feeling of a simpler time full of family and fresh outdoor country air.  And whether you like them or hate them, country weddings are here to stay.  They are DIY friendly and cost effective while still managing to be elegant and beautiful.  Now there really are hundreds of ways to put together a gorgeous country chic or rustic wedding table.  To narrow it down, we chose some of our favorites including some traditional staples like mason jars and burlap to some unexpected additions like printed tablecloths and antlers.

Mismatched Table Chairs and China

Embroidered Lace and Doily Table Runners

Picnic Tables or Bench Seating

Wooden Crates as Centerpieces

Wildflowers and Vines

Patterned Tablecloths

Antler Decorations

Mason Jars and Antique Pitchers (We love milk glass!)

Wooden Table Decorations

Last (but of course not least)...Burlap


  1. In the first picture is there some reason behind not pressing/steaming the wrinkles out of the table linens before putting them on the tables and photographing them? I know it's rustic and the photos are beautiful but it just looks cheap. Take note.

    1. That venue is rustic and doesn't have a streamer hanging out. It bugged me too at my relatives wedding there. We set all the tables there ourselves and it was a destination wedding. Not everything will be perfect at your wedding if you scrutinize every detail.