5 Head Table Wedding Decoration Ideas

The head table is the focal point of any wedding reception.  It surrounds the bride and groom and brings emphasis to the newlyweds.  Whether you decide to stay traditional with your head table decorations or go bold with a statement piece, don't leave your head table to the last decorating decision.  This is your chance to make your wedding decorations shine.  Your head table should tie together the overall theme of your wedding and set the tone of your reception. 

1) Signage

Signage Head Table Wedding Decorations
A bold statement that is trending with couples.  The use of signage as a statement piece for the head table is a simple and effective way to bring attention to the newlyweds.

2) Family Style Seating

Family Style Head Table Wedding Decorations
Family style seating is the ideal way to provide an intimate atmosphere for guests to mingle and make conversation.  With a family style head table, this relaxed setup also allows the bride and groom the chance to sit next to their close family members instead of just the members of the wedding party.  Be sure and seat the members of your wedding party next to their spouses or dates to ensure everyone is comfortable and relaxed.

3) Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart Wedding Table Decorations
Take a breather from all the mingling and thank yous with this intimate set up.  Sweetheart tables are making a swift comeback at wedding receptions and give the bride and groom a chance to steal a few moments together alone.

4) Hanging Focal Points

Hanging Head Table Wedding Decorations
Nothing screams romance and elegance more than hanging wedding decorations.  While it may not be in the budget to hang decorations above every reception table, using them just above the head table is a more affordable splurge.

5) Dressed up Chair Backs

Head Table Chair Back Wedding Decorations
For those sticking with a traditional head table setup, you can still set the bride and groom apart by dressing up their chairs with decorative chair backs.  This will put the focus on the newlyweds and add a personal touch to the reception decor.

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