2015 Wedding Trends and Ideas

Researching wedding trends for 2015 has got us beyond, BEYOND excited.  There is no doubt that 2015 is going to be a year full of gorgeous and jaw dropping weddings.  Elegance and understated sophistication will reign supreme.  Expect to see lush florals, gilded decor, and personalized touches from the bride and groom throughout the year.  One thing is for sure, brides and grooms are pulling out all the stops to ensure their guests are having a great time and that their personalities are shining through on their big day.

1) Loose, Organic Florals

Loosely Tied Organic Flowers and Bouquets 

This unstructured approach to wedding flowers is taking the wedding industry by storm and can be seen in everything from bouquets to table decor.  The idea is to create a just picked from the garden look full of texture, foliage, berries, and romantic stems like garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, and hydrangeas.

2) Crafted Drink Stations

Crafted Drink Stations 

Crafted Drink Stations 

Crafted drink stations are all about bringing a signature drink to your wedding. N/A options like decked out water stations and lemonade and iced tea bars are always a popular choice.  Bubbly bars and craft beer stations are also gaining popularity.  These stations have the added benefit of saving you money on your bar budget.  By sticking to just a few select items instead of providing a fully stocked bar, you will save on the unnecessary extras.

3) Unexpected Menu Options and Food Trucks

Pickle Wedding Food Station 

Couples are venturing away from candy buffets or dessert bars and instead offering guests a unique twist on appetizers and menu items.  On site food trucks will be seen throughout 2015 and unique food stations such as cheese buffets, bruschetta bars, taco stations, and fruit bars will take the spotlight.

4) Framed Seating Charts

Framed Seating Chart 

Whether written on a vintage mirror or displayed within an ornate picture frame, one thing is for sure, romantic seating displays are a must have in 2015.

5) Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Long Sleeved Wedding Dress 

6) Watercolors

Watercolor Wedding Invitations 

Watercolor Menu Display 

7) Calligraphy

Calligraphy Wedding Sign 

From painted signs and seating charts to invitations and place cards, hand written calligraphy lends a romantic, personalized and inviting touch to the small details.

8) Gold Decorations

Gold Wedding Decorations 

Silver is no longer the go to accent color for brides.  Golden, gilded, glittery, and rose gold wedding decorations have taken over and help add warmth to a wedding color palette pairing flawlessly with rustic wood elements and earth tones.

9) Unity Ceremony Alternatives

Unity Ceremony Alternatives 

Forget the typical unity candle ceremony, couples want a more personalized option for their unity ceremony from sand shadow boxes and love letters to wine blending ceremonies.  See 11 Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

10) Wreaths, Garland, and Greenery

Wreath Wedding Chair Backs  

Garland Wedding Table Runner 

2015 will be full of organic details, greenery, and foliage.  Wreaths and garland will be seen on everything from chairbacks and table runners to archways and get away cars.

11) Family Style Seating

Family Style Wedding Dinner Seating 

Some of the funnest wedding receptions are the ones served family style.  Pass the potatoes please!

12) Taper Candles

Taper Candle Wedding Decorations 

13) Guest Lounge Areas

Guest Lounge Areas 

Give your guests an escape from the dance floor with a cozy lounge area where they can sit back and relax for a beat.

14)  Hanging Decorations 

Hanging Wedding Decorations 

Hanging Wedding Decorations 

Chandeliers, flowers, lanterns, string lights, and even the table centerpieces themselves are being raised to new heights with this hot trend.

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  1. Give your guests an escape from the dance floor with a cozy lounge area where they can sit back and relax for a beat.


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