DIY Sparkler Send Off

Summer and outdoor weddings beg for a little sparkle and shine.  Making a romantic, sparkler send-off a must-have photo op for brides and grooms.  After all, who doesn't love a glamorous, dramatic send-off?  In three easy steps, create your very own sparkler send-off for guests to light your way as you leave your wedding reception.

DIY Sparkler Send Off


Hole Punch
Paper and Frame
Bucket or tray for holding the sparklers

Step 1: Gather your supplies. Cut your ribbon and prep your matchbooks with a single hole punch.  (Providing each guest with a book of matches is way easier than trying to pass a few lighters around a group of 100+ people.)

Step 2: Tie sparklers (we used groups of three) to your matches using your pre-cut ribbon.  Place into your bucket or tray.

Step 3: Write your send-off sign (If you have terrible hand-writing like me, simply print your own).  Insert into frame and voila.

DIY Sparkler Send Off

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