19 Wedding Gift Card Box Ideas

We love putting a unique spin on traditional wedding must-haves. When it comes to a gift card box, everyone needs one, so why not make it a card box that actually puts a smile on your face.  The card box is one of the first things your guests will see and is the perfect opportunity to add a pretty or fun decorative piece into your wedding decor.  After all, it's the little details that will help craft your wedding reception into a reflection of your personality. We have no doubt these 19 wedding card box ideas are sure to inspire and spark the imagination.

Source: Mailbox Card Holder

1) A Mailbox

Source: Mailbox

Mailbox Wedding Card Holder
Source: Mailbox

2) A Vintage Suitcase

Vintage Suitcase Wedding Card Holder 
Source: Suitcase

3) Display cards in a basket (picnic or wire)

Basket Wedding Gift Card Holder
Source: Picnic Basket

Basket Wedding Gift Card Holder
Source: Wire Basket

4) Or in a rustic hollowed out log

Rustic Wooden Log Wedding Card Holder
Source: Get the full DIY wooden log card box tutorial here.

5) A Birdcage

Birdcage Wedding Card Holder
Source: Birdcage

Birdcage Wedding Card Holder
Source: Birdcage

6) A Wishing Well

Wishing Well Wedding Card Holder
Source: Wishing Well

7) A Homemade Lego Card Box

8) A Galvanized Pail

Galvanized Pail Wedding Card Holder
Source:  Milk Pail

9) Or a Rustic Crate

Rustic Crate Wedding Card Box
Source: Crate

10) A Card Box With Special Meaning (Engaged in Paris Anyone?)

Parisian Eiffel Tower Card Box

Source: Parisian  Eiffel Tower Card Box

11) A Guitar Case

Guitar Case Wedding Card Box
Source: Guitar Case

12) A Traditional Tiered Card Box (Tiffany's Style)

Tiffanys Wedding Card Box

13) A Glass Terrarium

Glass Terrarium Wedding Card Box
Source: Terrarium

14) A Pinata (Better yet, a monster shaped pinata that eats cards. Nom nom)

15) A Photo Box

16) A Lantern

Lantern Wedding Card Holder
Source: Lantern

17) A Tardis (This great Tardis is actually a trash can that sounds when you put something inside.  Win Win)

18) A Modern Acrylic Box

19) An Old Shutter

Old Shutter Wedding Card Holder
Source: DIY Shutter Tutorial

Want more? Why have just a card box when you can create an entire display around the box itself?


  1. So many lovely ideas, I like the picnic basket idea for the wedding cards.


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