Fall Wedding Guest Souvenir Ideas

We can't help but get excited when thinking about Fall. What's not to love?  The leaves turn a beautiful color of golden red, the weather is crisp, and pumpkin spice is around every corner. If you are lucky enough to have a fall wedding, you have undoubtedly thought about your wedding favors. Your guest souvenirs are the perfect opportunity to incorporate an element of the Autumn season into your wedding decor.  They don't even have to be difficult or over the top.  Just pick one element of the season that you and your fiance absolutely love such as pumpkins, apples, or leaves and build on that idea.  If it is something you love,  your guests are bound to love it too.  For some sure fire wins, check out some of our top picks for Fall wedding guest souvenir ideas.  To see more ideas visit us here.


From a "Pick Your Own" pumpkin patch to the gilded variety, pumpkins are the ideal favor idea for Fall weddings. Abundant and relatively inexpensive, pumpkins are festive and can be decorated to match the theme of your wedding.

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Acorns, Nuts, and Seeds

Acorns, nuts, an seeds are a cute twist to traditional Fall elements like pumpkins and leaves.  Include a roasted seed and nut buffet at your wedding along with personalized favor bags for guests to fill and take home with them.  If you are feeling especially crafty, make acorn shaped chocolates to set out at each guest place setting.  Items like these acorn shaped measuring spoons make a great addition to bridal showers to tie in the theme of your wedding.


Apples are the quintessential fall fruit.  Tie in apples throughout your fall wedding for instant charm and coziness.  For guest souvenirs, give loved ones homemade apple butter, caramel apples, or set out bags for guests to fill with apples and take home.  A hot apple cider bar is a great addition for late in the season outdoor weddings to take the chill off.

Leaves and Trees

For a "Fall in Love" wedding theme, falling leaves and tree favors are a must-have.  Fall shaped souvenirs like bottle openers, bottle stoppers, and even prepackaged maple syrup make cute favor ideas that will tie in your decor.  Personalized fall napkins add an extra special touch to your decor and double as favors for guests to take home as a memento of your special day.

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