Elegant Wedding Donut Wall

The newest dessert trend sweeping the wedding world has us in confection heaven. We can't get enough of these donut walls - the perfect delectable, edible art! You read that right. As brides continue to lean towards non-traditional wedding treats, we’ve seen a growing number of dessert tables that forego classic cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and candy to make room for a dazzling display of donuts.

Just think about it - those holes in the center just beg to be hung on hooks to create a jaw-dropping array of sugary, frosted deliciousness. They make not only a beautiful backdrop, but also a generous goody station for your wedding reception, brunch, or bridal shower. Don't be afraid to embrace this trend for all your party needs. Weddings shouldn't get to monopolize all the fun, so create a donut wall for your next baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party to really add the wow factor for guests.

Curate the colors for your event, and then visit your local bakery or donut shop to request a mix of colored frostings, sprinkles, and glazes to fit your theme. Whether you choose pinks and browns, cheerful sprinkles, striped and swirled patterns, or a brighter color combination, there are a million different ways to blow your guests away with this insanely cool dessert craze.

Check out the pictures below to see more of this sweet wedding trend.

Elegant Wedding Donut Wall
Elegant Wedding Donut Wall

When choosing the types of donuts to offer, keep in mind that glazed and frosted ring donuts are generally larger than cake donuts. If you want all of your donuts to be the same size and look more cohesive, you will want to choose one type, and stick with it. 

There are still plenty of options for both types of donuts, so don't worry - this isn't too limiting! You can still request different types of frosting, glazes, and sprinkles for ring donuts, and cake donuts can be made in assorted flavors and colors.

Elegant Wedding Donut Wall
Elegant Wedding Donut Wall

Personalized cocktail napkins are the perfect size for donuts and coffee, and with a large variety of color options, they can seamlessly match your theme.

Elegant Wedding Donut Wall
Elegant Wedding Donut Wall

A hot cup of coffee pairs perfectly with donuts, so make sure to put out a few pots of coffee for guests to enjoy. Custom printed coffee cups add a personal touch, and are great for guests heading out for the night.

Elegant Wedding Donut Wall
Elegant Wedding Donut Wall
Elegant Wedding Donut Wall

Favor bags make the perfect accessory for your donut display, and can be personalized with your names and date along with a sweet or funny message. Guests can take a donut back to their table, or home to enjoy later in these food-grade bags. Here are some of our favorites fun donut sayings:

Love Is Sweet - Please Take A Treat
DO-NUT leave without a treat!
All you need is love... and maybe a DONUT
Glazed and Delicious
Donut you want one?
Donuts are our love language
Donut leave me hanging
Donut Worry, Be Happy

Elegant Wedding Donut Wall

These gorgeous dessert displays can also double as a guest book alternative. Use decorative wooden tags for guests to write a short message on and then hang on hooks along the sides of your donut wall. At the end of the night, you'll have plenty of heartfelt messages from family and friends to save as keepsakes after the wedding.

Elegant Wedding Donut Wall
Elegant Wedding Donut Wall
Elegant Wedding Donut Wall

Treat your wedding guests to a sweet snack for the road by providing wax-lined tin-tie goodie bags for them to fill with a donut or two. The tops close to keep donuts fresh, and the wax lining keeps glaze from soaking through the bags. We've found that 6" x 9" bags work best for holding a ring donut or two, and smaller bags work well for taking home an assortment of donut holes.

Elegant Wedding Donut Wall


We are huge supporters of this tasty trend, so to help spread it far and wide, we've included a step-by-step so that you can make your own! You and your guests are going to love having this new wedding food fad to enjoy at your wedding!

Materials Needed: 

Measuring Tape
Paint Roller
Trim - Home improvement stores have a variety of different sizes and styles, so you can go as simple or intricate as you want
Drill with Screwdriver Bit 
Metal Pegboard Hooks - 6" hooks comfortably hold two donuts each


Step 1 - Cut the pegboard to form multiple panels as shown above. Measure, mark, and cut the pegboard to the desired size.

Step 2 - (Optional) Paint the pegboard. Lay it down on a protected surface. Paint and repeat with multiple coats until the color is even. Let dry.

TIP - When cutting the pegboard into foldable panels that will stand on their own, we recommend adding trim to each side of each panel. Pegboard is quite flexible and needs the extra stability to stand upright - especially when cut into narrow panels. Trim can also be painted to add a unique, decorative touch to your donut wall. 

Step 3 - Add trim to the pegboard. Measure, mark, and cut the trim to fit each side of the pegboard. Paint if desired, and attach to pegboard with small nails.

Step 4 - Attach hinges to the back of the donut wall. We used 4 hinges on each side of the center panel.

Step 5 - Insert the metal pegboard hooks into the pegboard.

Step 6 - Add donuts, and enjoy!

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