4 Products Wine Lovers Can't Stop Using

Throughout history, wine has been enjoyed for both religious and social occasions. Wineries first originated several thousand years ago and the drink quickly became popular in places like American, Greece and Rome. Originally, wine may have been used for medicinal purposes, but it soon became a favorite at festivals and within households. In modern culture, wine drinking has taken on a variety of forms. One can drink socially with friends, use the right glass of wine to enhance the flavors in a good dinner, grab a glass after a long day, or attend a wine tasting. If you or a friend is a wine fan, and let's face it, most people tend to enjoy the beverage, there are a few necessary accessories. Here are four products that wine lovers cannot stop using:

1. Wine Carrying Cases:

For wine drinkers, the only thing better than wine, is being able to take wine to their favorite places. Enjoying a bit of wine at a picnic, beach- if permissible- and other social outings is a must for wine aficionados. Unfortunately, simply dropping your wine bottle into your bag or picnic basket can carry some significant risks of spilled wine or a broken bottle. This is exactly why having a dedicated way to transport wine is important. Wine carrying cases can vary from simple, adorable tote bags, to bonded leather carriers. If you are looking to gift a wine carrier to a friend, you can make the present even better by considering that friend’s style.

2. Wine Troughs: 

Wine fans tend to keep several bottles and types of wine on hand. While some wines are at their best at room temperature, others, including many dessert wines, need to be cooled for optimal taste. In both cases, a quality wine trough can come in handy. A trough can comfortably store three or four bottles – and can make an excellent display to show off a wine collection. Meanwhile, the trough can also be filled with ice and turned into a cooler for dinners, get togethers, or outdoor events. Whether wine needs to be stored or cooled, a tasteful wine trough is ideal. In fact, the only thing better than a wine trough is a wine trough that is personalized- which is easy to do and can make for a great gift.

3. Quality Wine Glasses: 

Great wine can taste even better in a fancy glass. Wine glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes- from the traditional long stem glass to the stemless, tumbler-like alternative. A great glass set can make the experience of wine drinking even more enjoyable, especially if the set itself holds great memories.

4. Cheese Board Set

What pairs better with wine than cheese?! We offer a variety of cheese boards and cheese board sets, all of which can be personalized. Our slate serving board is beautiful, sophisticated, and the perfect addition to any wine lovers collection.

While there are quite a few wine products on the market, the above are the essentials for any wine fan.

5 Handy Gifts Men Actually Appreciate

Your wedding would not be quite the same without the help of the people who contribute their time and efforts to your special day. The type of gift you give them may depend on your relationship to the individual and the role they played. Whether you are looking for a gift for groomsman, a close friend, or a family member, here are 5 handy gifts that men can actually appreciate:

1. Travel Bag:

A tasteful travel bag can be a great gift for a group or an individual. Most travel bags on the market are geared towards women, which is why finding one that is perfect for the guys can be a bit tricky- but not impossible. You can make your gift even more personal by considering the type of bag each friend needs. You can purchase something sleek and business-like for someone who puts career on the forefront, a duffel bag for the gym and travel lovers or even a personalized toiletry case.

2. Canvas Apron

If your groomsmen's dad or soon to be father-in-law enjoys gardening, woodworking, grilling or DIY projects, this personalized canvas apron is the perfect gift. Waterproof and durable this apron is great for indoor and outdoor use. There are several pockets to hold tools or safety glasses and the leather straps are equipped with sturdy brass buckles. A unique but practical gift, these canvas aprons are sure to be a hit for any crafty guy.

3. Duffle Bag

Whether you are traveling on a business trip or just going to the gym, a quality duffle bag is something that every guy can use. Personalize some of these great bags for your groomsmen and fill them up with other travel necessities like shaving cream, body wash or some cool socks. This is an incredibly useful gift but can also be meaningful if you take a few extra minutes to customize each bag to fit your friends tastes.

4. Wood Docking Station

Our wooden docking stations are rustic and look great on anyone's bedside table. This is an awesome gift that is customizable and compatible with any cell phone or tablet. Easily able to hold a watch, wallet or set of keys, this is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to have all of their things in one place.

5. Toiletry Bag

These canvas and leather toiletry bags are stylish, durable and easy to clean and are the perfect gift for the traveling man. They come in a variety of colors from black to red and even bright pink. No matter what colors your groomsmen like, we've got you covered.

With all of these options available, finding the perfect gift for your groomsmen and male friends is easier than you think. All you need to do is take a moment and think about the things that you enjoy with your close friends and go from there.

Don't Give A Gift Unless It's Personalized. Here's Why.

The act of giving a gift is selfless and can often show affection and gratitude. However, not all gifts are made equal. If you are looking to give someone a present, especially someone who is a close friend or family member, you should make these gifts personal.

Show You Care:

A personalized gift shows your care and appreciation for the recipient. Buying presents is easy, but finding something to cater to each recipient is a known challenge. Now, that doesn’t mean that the challenge is impossible. If you know your friends, and you certainly do, you can pick out the best gift for each individual. If you are looking for a gift that is multifaceted, you can think of your friends as a group and figure out what everyone might need. Love cooking with the girls? This personalized recipe stand is a beautiful gift and can hold any tablet or cookbook. There are plenty of ways to create personalized bridesmaid gifts by adding a specific design or initials for each individual.

They’d Do The Same For You: 

In fact, they probably already have! The people in your life have shown that they are amazing friends time and time again. This is after all why they are walking you down the aisle! But, they have also signed on to help you plan one of the most inherently stressful events of your life. It takes a small army of family and friends to plan a wedding, and your friends and loved ones have probably been there with you every step of the way making sure you are not too stressed over the details. For your groomsmen, consider this personalized whiskey decanter set to say thank you for all the hard work they have put in to making your special day memorable.

Don’t Add to the Pile: 

The best items are either high quality or are extremely meaningful. If your gift does not meet either of the two criteria, it is likely to end up in a closet or under a bed. To avoid this you need to find something that is specialized even if it is meant for a group. For instance, something that is useful such as a serving tray can serve as a lasting reminder of great memories and time spent together. A serving tray has a functional purpose, which can help ensure that your gift isn’t left to gather dust on a closet shelf.

While many occasions for gift giving can be hectic, it is important to take the time and make the effort of giving a personalized gift to your loved ones. 

3 Insanely Cute And Useful Gifts For Women

Your wedding wouldn’t be quite the same without the women who helped you get there- and you are probably looking to say, “thank you”. You want to give something to your bridesmaids who put time aside to help you plan, throw you a bachelorette party, and helped make your wedding one of a kind, but you also may be inclined to find a gift for other close friends who were super helpful during a stressful time. Whether you are looking for personalized bridesmaid gifts, or want to give something to a friend or family member who contributed, here are three great gift ideas for women:

1. Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags are the perfect gift for any group of women. You can give these as gifts by themselves or fill your totes with wine or other cute gifts like these beautiful spa robes. Our totes are tasteful and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. A nautical style for those friends who enjoy a laid back beach outing or even a silver or gold metallic dipped canvas tote for those girls who love a little sparkle. From chevron to floral we have a style to fit every taste!

2. Docking Station

Want to give a gift that’s hip, cute, and useful at the same time? Our personalized docking station is the ideal gift for your trendy friends. Store your phone, wallet, watch, and keys all in one convenient place. The best part is, they’re compatible with any mobile phone or tablet. Your bridesmaids will love this useful yet thoughtful gift.

3. Makeup Travel Bags:

No matter where you or your girlfriends are traveling to, a makeup travel bag is an item most women can’t live without. Our stylish black bridesmaid survival kit clutch will ensure your bridesmaids are prepared at all times while our canvas cosmetic bags with travel with your friends long after your special day is over.

While showing your appreciation is great, you should not stress over the perfect gifts to others while planning your own wedding. Something simple and heartfelt can go a long way towards showing your gratitude and will serve as a lasting reminder of your time together.

Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding

Fallyn and Grant's wedding is one for the storybooks.  Full of romance and a real life owl as the ring bearer.  A big thank you to Adorn Invitations for sharing this gorgeous wedding with us.

The couple wed at the charming Maleny Manor in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands.  Fallyn new she wanted a classic, vintage Gatsby feel for her wedding with soft pinks, whites, and accents of gold.  We say she definitely hit the mark!  The bride's florist even imported French Peonies from Paris as a wedding gift for the couple as they were out of season at the time.

Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Fallyn and Grant met in high school and it was love at first sight. Grant proposed to Fallyn while they were sailing on a private gondola off the Gold Coast Qld.   After a romantic dinner and while the sun was setting, he popped the question with a bottle of champagne and a dozen red roses.  So romantic!

Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
The bride had the privilege of working with a not-for-profit organization called Raptor Vision based in Sunshine Coast, QLD who are a wonderful animal rescue group. The guys behind this were retired zoo trainers who rescue and care for local birds. To fund the cost of caring for the animals, they trained one of their owls to deliver wedding bands. Luna the Owl surprised our guests as our ring bearer for the ceremony.

Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
The bride and groom used a vintage mirror for a unique twist on the traditional escort card.  We love this trend of using mirrors as place settings which adds a bit of sparkle and romance to your wedding decor.

Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding
Dreamy Pink and Gold Outdoor Real Wedding

Photographer: Calli B Photography
Venue: Maleny Manor
Stationery: Adorn Invitations
Flowers: Mondo Floral Designs
Wedding Gown: Pronovias supplied by The Big Day
Grooms Attire: Stuart Suits
Bridesmaids Dresses: Pia Gladys Peri supplied by White Runway
Makeup: Pru Edwards Makeup
Hair: Dot & Birdie / Hair by Nicola
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Accessories: Pearl Galleria / Love on Jewellery

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