3 Insanely Cute And Useful Gifts For Women

Your wedding wouldn’t be quite the same without the women who helped you get there- and you are probably looking to say, “thank you”. You want to give something to your bridesmaids who put time aside to help you plan, throw you a bachelorette party, and helped make your wedding one of a kind, but you also may be inclined to find a gift for other close friends who were super helpful during a stressful time. Whether you are looking for personalized bridesmaid gifts, or want to give something to a friend or family member who contributed, here are three great gift ideas for women:

1. Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags are the perfect gift for any group of women. You can give these as gifts by themselves or fill your totes with wine or other cute gifts like these beautiful spa robes. Our totes are tasteful and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. A nautical style for those friends who enjoy a laid back beach outing or even a silver or gold metallic dipped canvas tote for those girls who love a little sparkle. From chevron to floral we have a style to fit every taste!

2. Docking Station

Want to give a gift that’s hip, cute, and useful at the same time? Our personalized docking station is the ideal gift for your trendy friends. Store your phone, wallet, watch, and keys all in one convenient place. The best part is, they’re compatible with any mobile phone or tablet. Your bridesmaids will love this useful yet thoughtful gift.

3. Makeup Travel Bags:

No matter where you or your girlfriends are traveling to, a makeup travel bag is an item most women can’t live without. Our stylish black bridesmaid survival kit clutch will ensure your bridesmaids are prepared at all times while our canvas cosmetic bags with travel with your friends long after your special day is over.

While showing your appreciation is great, you should not stress over the perfect gifts to others while planning your own wedding. Something simple and heartfelt can go a long way towards showing your gratitude and will serve as a lasting reminder of your time together.

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