4 Products Wine Lovers Can't Stop Using

Throughout history, wine has been enjoyed for both religious and social occasions. Wineries first originated several thousand years ago and the drink quickly became popular in places like American, Greece and Rome. Originally, wine may have been used for medicinal purposes, but it soon became a favorite at festivals and within households. In modern culture, wine drinking has taken on a variety of forms. One can drink socially with friends, use the right glass of wine to enhance the flavors in a good dinner, grab a glass after a long day, or attend a wine tasting. If you or a friend is a wine fan, and let's face it, most people tend to enjoy the beverage, there are a few necessary accessories. Here are four products that wine lovers cannot stop using:

1. Wine Carrying Cases:

For wine drinkers, the only thing better than wine, is being able to take wine to their favorite places. Enjoying a bit of wine at a picnic, beach- if permissible- and other social outings is a must for wine aficionados. Unfortunately, simply dropping your wine bottle into your bag or picnic basket can carry some significant risks of spilled wine or a broken bottle. This is exactly why having a dedicated way to transport wine is important. Wine carrying cases can vary from simple, adorable tote bags, to bonded leather carriers. If you are looking to gift a wine carrier to a friend, you can make the present even better by considering that friend’s style.

2. Wine Troughs: 

Wine fans tend to keep several bottles and types of wine on hand. While some wines are at their best at room temperature, others, including many dessert wines, need to be cooled for optimal taste. In both cases, a quality wine trough can come in handy. A trough can comfortably store three or four bottles – and can make an excellent display to show off a wine collection. Meanwhile, the trough can also be filled with ice and turned into a cooler for dinners, get togethers, or outdoor events. Whether wine needs to be stored or cooled, a tasteful wine trough is ideal. In fact, the only thing better than a wine trough is a wine trough that is personalized- which is easy to do and can make for a great gift.

3. Quality Wine Glasses: 

Great wine can taste even better in a fancy glass. Wine glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes- from the traditional long stem glass to the stemless, tumbler-like alternative. A great glass set can make the experience of wine drinking even more enjoyable, especially if the set itself holds great memories.

4. Cheese Board Set

What pairs better with wine than cheese?! We offer a variety of cheese boards and cheese board sets, all of which can be personalized. Our slate serving board is beautiful, sophisticated, and the perfect addition to any wine lovers collection.

While there are quite a few wine products on the market, the above are the essentials for any wine fan.

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