18 Card Boxes to Complete your Gift Table

The gift table can be a tricky part of a wedding reception. For some, receiving gifts is awkward and they don’t want the gift table to be the center of attention. For others, gifts are a burden and they don’t want to think about the gifts at all. Still others are excited about the gifts and reading the cards from their loved ones. These days, more and more people are forgoing the wrapped gifts in favor of just cards and money, because they already have most of the household items they need.

Wherever you stand on the issue, the gift table is a significant part of any wedding reception. The table should be easy to find but out of the way and somewhat innocuous. Once you’ve figured out the location, though, comes the fun part – the decorating. Of course, you’ll want to keep the decorations fairly simple. You can, however, go all out on the card box instead!

The card box is often the centerpiece of the gift table. It’s the clue your guests need to know where to leave their presents, before anyone else leaves a gift or card there, at least. So why not make it an eye-catching, comment-grabbing clue?

Are you having a black tie affair? Check out these two simple and elegant card boxes:

Refined Romance Treasure Chest Card Box
Ivory Satin Treasure Chest

Do you love to travel? These suitcase and globe card boxes can help send you off on your honeymoon with a flair.

Suitcase Card Box
Globe Card Holder

Or maybe a Cinderella story wedding is in the works?

Fairy Tale Coach Card Box
Carriage Card Box

Or, these scrolled metal boxes go great with just about any decorations – floral, lace, fairytale, casual, elegant – take your pick!

Scrolled Metal Mailbox
Scrolled Metal Card Box

Speaking of floral themes, why not use a planter for your card box? This moss-covered square planter is beautiful, but any flower pot would do. You and your fiance could get a simple terracotta planter and paint it to match the rest of your decorations.

Moss-Covered Card Box

For the beer and wine lover, this keg is a beautiful cardholder. Not to mention it can be used later as a decoration in your home!

Wine Whisky Barrel Card Box

For a summery, outdoor reception, think about a picnic basket or a log card box:

Picnic Basket Card Holder
Log Card Holder

If you’re going for a more modern, simplistic feel for your wedding reception decorations, you need this gorgeously simple card box. The beautiful Circle of Love design and the engraved monogram make this a great keepsake box for after your wedding, too!

Circle of Love Clear Acrylic Card Box

Another great option for a simple feel is this photo box:

Rustic Photo Card Box
Black Photo Card Box

This rose gold terrarium card box is the perfect accessory for a floral or otherwise plant-themed wedding. Surround it with bouquets or potted plants or succulents to create a beautiful display. After the wedding, you can dry your bouquet and put them in the box, or you can turn it into an actual terrarium!

Rose Gold Terrarium Card Holder

Our love for vintage isn't going away any time soon, and this hat box holds cards beautifully.

Hat Box Card Holder

If vintage isn't quite the old school vibe you're looking for, take your gift table back to its roots with the original card box: a mailbox!

Wedding Card Mailbox
Source: Mail Box

Which box is your favorite? Comment below!

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