Product Spotlight: Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Set

A sand ceremony is a beautiful addition to a wedding. The sand ceremony stemmed from the tradition of lighting a unity candle. The ceremonies both symbolize the joining of two families. More and more people are turning to sand rather than candles because a candle will eventually blow out. The sand, on the other hand, allows a visible, tangible representation of two people joining their lives together – and it can last forever.

Sand Ceremony Hourglass Vase

The ceremony is usually performed during the wedding ceremony itself, to reinforce the vows the bride and groom just promised each other. The bride a groom each pick a color of sand and either take turns layering their sand or pour their sands at the same time, blending the colors together.

The sand can come from a favorite beach or can be chosen for its colors. Ideally, you’ll have two very distinct colors, but if the sand is especially important, the separate colors can take a back seat. You could also dye a portion of the sand, if you want to use sand that is the same or similar colors.

Another option is to perform the sand ceremony during the reception, so you can have your family members join in as well; this could be particularly important for a couple who has children, and even more so if the children are from a previous relationship. The ceremony represents combining the bride’s and groom’s worlds – shouldn’t the next most important part of those worlds be involved too? If you choose to include others in the sand ceremony, you can use a rainbow of colors or different shades of two colors, to represent the two families.

This simply stunning hourglass is a perfect vase for a sand ceremony. While serving as a display for the sand, it also acts as a representation of time: two families joined for the rest of time. If you need another reason to convince you to include a sand ceremony in your wedding, just think of it as the next best thing to a destination wedding – bring the sand to you!

Colored Sands
Hourglass Unity Ceremony Set

Keepsake Hourglass Set

Which kind of unity ceremony will you include in your wedding? Tell us below!

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