Wedding Guest Signature Puzzle Guest Book Alternative

Brides are getting more and more creative with their wedding guest books - using something meaningful to the couple to collect names and well wishes from friends and family attending their wedding. Outside of the traditional keepsake book there are so many options! One of our favorites is this personalized wooden puzzle, pieced together with memories of those closest to you.  

Assemble the puzzle before your wedding day to display on the guest receiving table. On the big day, place a sign next to the puzzle encouraging guests to sign a puzzle piece or pieces. The bridal party can sign it first, crossing puzzle piece lines in various ways as an example for guests to follow.

If you know you have some puzzle enthusiasts in your family, consider leaving the smaller puzzle pieces in the box with only the large center puzzle piece on the table next to the pen. Place a sign on the table encouraging guests to take a piece from the box and add it to the center piece and sign. This method is a bit more complicated as guests will have to find and match coordinating puzzle piece, working from the center outward.

After the wedding, the puzzle can be glued together and framed to hang on a wall in your home or disassembled and placed back in the box for a lifelong wedding keepsake. Make a tradition out of putting it together on your anniversary every year and sharing a memory of the person who signed the piece you just fit into place. 

A unique guest book alternative and wedding keepsake all wrapped into one, this all-wood, 113 piece jigsaw puzzle and puzzle box is personalized with your choice of three letter monogram or 2 lines of custom print on both the large puzzle centerpiece and the puzzle box lid. Adding to the cuteness factor, each of the 112 interlocking wood puzzle pieces feature heart-shape tabs and blanks. Guests will love it, and you and your spouse will treasure it always.

Wedding Guest Signature Puzzle

Happy puzzling!

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