12 Creative Bridesmaid Invitation Ideas

Your girls are important to you, and so is your wedding. You need girls by your side who you love and trust to help you plan. Weddings aren't all work though -- let them know just how fun your wedding day will be by asking them to join your bridal party in a creative way.

1. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Source: Scavenger Hunt

For the girls who love puzzles. There are a couple of ways you can do this one. For a memory-based hunt, leave clues in your favorite or significant places to lead her around your city. At the end, meet her with a gift basket (or one of these great tote bags!) and ask her to be your bridesmaid. This one will take a lot of planning, so it might be best to save it for your Maid of Honor. Or, make the scavenger hunt wedding themed and have a list of specific items rather than clues, and have the girls team up to complete it together.

2. Be my “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

Something Old New Borrowed Blue

Source: Something Blue

For the more sentimental type, write a sweet letter to your girls, like this one:

Tradition says there are 4 things a bride needs on her wedding day: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I’m not sure about all that, but I do know:
our friendship is old,
our dresses will be new,
I may borrow your shoes,
and I’m blue without you!
Be my bridesmaid?

3. Custom shoes

Personalized Sandals
Note on Bottom of Shoe
Source: SandalsGold Shoe

While the converse-and-wedding-dress shoe trend may be fading, writing a note on the bottom of the bride or groom’s shoes isn’t. Extend this to your bridesmaids by giving them a pair of shoes you know they’ll love. These can be flats, tennis shoes, or stilettos. If you have enough planned for your wedding, you can give all the girls matching shoes they can wear to the wedding and/or reception. Write a note on the bottom asking them to be your ‘maids!

4. Send her flowers

Something Old New Borrowed Blue

Source: Floral Arrangement

Who says you can’t send your friend flowers? Most girls love getting flowers. Send her a gorgeous arrangement; just don’t forget to sign the card!

5. Ask with food

Bridesmaid Cookies
Source: Bridesmaid Cookies

You can’t go wrong with food. There are also tons of options for asking someone to be your bridesmaid that involve food. Take her out to dinner. Order delivery and binge-watch all the romantic comedies on Netflix. Decorate fudge or cookies together (ask her to be your bridesmaid in icing – who could say no to that?!) Maybe she loves a strange food combo, like Michael from Princess Diaries loves skittles on pizza. Instead of “Sorry”, write “Bridesmaid?”

6. Coffee

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Mug
Personalized Polka Dot Coffee Mug
Source: Bridesmaid Mug, Polka Dot Personalized Mug

Arrange to meet up with her for coffee, but arrive early and order for her. Have the barista write “will you be my bridesmaid?” on her cup. You may need to be a little crafty with this one if she doesn’t notice right away. You could ask “Oh, did I grab your cup on accident? What’s the name?” For the eco-friendly coffee lover, or just for a more permanent gift, get a personalized coffee mug and have the barista use that for her coffee.

7. Personalized (wine) bottle label

Personalized Wine Bottle Label
Source: Personalized Wine Bottle Label

Get a bottle of her favorite wine, champagne, or other drink an put a personalized label on it. You can order a bottle with the label or make your own.

Want to do more than a bottle of wine? Check out these personalized wine-themed gifts!

8. Video invitation

Video Bridesmaid Invitation
Source: Video Invitation

For your long distance girls: you can still make the invitation more personal and exciting than a phone call or text. There are tons of cute videos going around the internet where someone makes signs instead of talking to share a story, reveal a pregnancy, or any other reason! You have complete control over this one, so make it as sappy or funny as you want. Maybe your invitation will go viral!

9. Are you having a destination wedding?

Personalized Passport Cover

Give her a passport cover with a note inside! Bonus points if the note is on paper that looks like a passport page and is stamped with wherever you’re going (even if it doesn’t require a passport to get there).

10. Use your dog

Dog Bridesmaid Invitation
Source: Dog Invitation

Do your girls love dogs? Or maybe your fiancĂ© proposed to you by putting a ring on a puppy’s collar. A dog is probably the most adorable way to ask anyone anything. So why not your bridesmaids? Hang a sign around your dog’s neck, or just let him lay there and look cute with a sign next to him, if he doesn’t like things around his neck. Can he fetch a newspaper? Have him deliver a rolled up note to your girl.

11. Custom nail polish label

Nail Polish
Bridesmaid Make Up Kit

Source: Personalized Nail Polish, Maid Up Kit

Put together your own make-up kit (hint: use your wedding colors!) with nail polish and remover, a nail trimming set, eye liner and shadow, lip liner and lip stick, mascara, blush, foundation, highlighter or any combination of these! If possible, create a custom label for the containers.

12. Scratch off card

Scratch Off Bridesmaid Invitation
Source: Scratch Off Card

You’ve won the lottery with your fiancĂ©, so let your girls share some of your luck with a super cute scratch-off invitation.

There are hundreds of ways to ask someone you care about to be your bridesmaid. The hard part is choosing which way to ask! What’s your favorite?

Elizabeth graduated from The University of Findlay with a Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing. She now resides in Portland, Oregon where she is employed in the real estate business and is particularly enjoying the local cuisine. As a writer, Elizabeth believes in a quote from one of her favorite TV shows: "We have only two jobs on this Earth. The first: to learn. The second: to cope." A deep desire to learn struck Elizabeth when she was young, and now she hopes to help you cope by sharing information, and helping you apply the knowledge. Weddings and event planning can be overwhelming; sometimes it's okay to take a little advice from a stranger on the internet.

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