Product Spotlight: Heart Drop Shadow Box Guest Book

Guest books for any event are a wonderful thing. Years later, you can look back and read your loved ones’ kind words and remember exactly who was there celebrating with you. 

The problem with more traditional guest books is they tend to get lost on a bookshelf or forgotten in a box filled with pictures and memorabilia. No matter how good our intentions are, items like guest books are usually eventually considered clutter and are put away somewhere.

That’s just one reason among many couples are choosing alternative guest books more often. One gorgeous alternative to a book is this shadow box with silver and gold wooden hearts for guests to sign. The box has hooks on the back, so you can hang it on a wall – meaning no clutter and no lost cardboard box full of wedding momentos for this guest book! It’s only 1.5 inches deep, too, so it won’t stick out too far on the wall.
Shadow Box Wall Display

The plexiglass can be etched as well, allowing you to personalize your box with either two lines of text (anything from your names and the wedding date to your wedding’s social media hashtag) or a single initial, in addition to the floral prints above and below.

Check out how one of our customers designed hers:

Shadow Box Wedding Guest Book
Signing Wedding Guest Book
Heart Shaped Guest Book
Signing Heart Shaped Wedding Guest Book
Photo Credit: Emma Cleary Photo & Video

These shadow boxes make excellent gifts at different events as well. Are you going to a baby shower? This shadow box can be hung in the baby’s room, so she/he can grow up reading the names on the hearts and know how many people love her/him. Is a bride having two bridal showers? The guests at each party can sign one color of the hearts; the mingling of the colors inside the shadow box represents the mingling of two families. Birthday parties, graduations, anniversary parties – the possibilities for this beautiful box are endless. The simplicity of the box paired with the color and design options also ensure this box will fit any theme or color scheme at the party.
Gold Personalized Wedding Guest Book
Silver Personalized Wedding Guest Book
Source: Gold, Silver

After the party, it’s sure to grab anyone’s attention hanging on your wall, and this can lead to even more stories about the event. You will add to your memories time and time again over the years with the box always in sight.

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