Unique Groomsman Invitation Gift Boxes

Who says the bridesmaids are the only ones who can receive fun, gift-filled invitation boxes? The groomsmen are just as important to the groom as the bridesmaids are to the bride, and they deserve the same level of attention and just as many unique, personalized gifts.

Groomsman Gift Box
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Now, the age-old question: what do you give them? A stereotype about men is they’re hard to buy for. It seems we often come back to the traditional gifts, like tools or a tie or a flask. There’s nothing wrong with those gifts; they’re practical, and with personalization, they can be amazing and thoughtful presents. 

But the way to take your gift-giving up a notch and really impress your groomsmen is to give unique, personalized accessories to go with those traditional (and perhaps stereotypical, but who cares? We all can always use another pocket knife) gifts.

Groomsman Gift Box
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If your groomsman loves to spend time working with his hands—whether it’s woodworking, gardening, or even grilling—but already has every tool he could ever want, it’s time to give him an apron that will protect his clothes and keep his frequently-used tools nearby.

Personalized Apron for Men
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Once he has enough ties, he needs a tie travel case! This case will keep his ties wrinkle-free during his trips – making it perfect for your wedding weekend and his upcoming business trip!

Personalized Tie Travel Case
Source: Tie Case

If he’s a more casual businessman or even a teacher, consider a desk caddie to help him stay organized; you don’t want him to lose his wedding invitation!

Or consider this docking station, which is perfect for using at the office or at home, for the groomsman who already has the watch and phone case and money clip – but seems to always forget one or the other!

Groomsman Gift Desk Caddie
Groomsman Personalized Docking Station
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What pairs with whiskey better than cigars? Once you’ve selected the best cigars for your best men, personalize one of these stunning rosewood humidors for them too, so their cigars never go dry.

Personalized Groomsman Humidor
Personalized Rosewood Hummidor
Source: Humidor

Looking for something more portable? You need this cigar flask! One side holds a cigar and one holds liquid. It’s smaller than a traditional flask, so your guys can take it anywhere.

Or, maybe your groomsmen are more into wine than liquor. If that’s the case, they need this stopper and pourer set. The two pieces fit together to re-cork the wine bottle with an easy-to-remove cap and no-spill pourer, keeping the wine fresh longer and minimizing leaks.

Personalized Groomsman Gift Cigar Flask
Personalized Wine Stopper Pourer Set

You've got his favorite player’s jersey, tickets to the next home game, and shot glasses with his hometown team’s logo on them – these are all great gifts for ay sports fan. They also fit really well in a gift box. Or, even better, you can tuck them into the pockets of this awesome stadium chair that easily folds up and includes an insulated pocket for a drink. Now you're the star, because thanks to you, he can use his personalized seat at that home game while supporting his favorite player.

If he prefers a backyard match or street pick-up game, check out this handy cooler that doubles as a stool. He can easily grab a drink and a break in between quarters.

Personalized Cooler Stadium Chair
Personalized Cooler Tailgating Chair

We all love a good pocket knife--the more tools, the better! Some pocket knives even include a pair of pliers. But do your groomsmen have a pocket knife with a hammer with their names on them? Well, they definitely need one!

Personalized Wood Multitool
Source: Hammer Tool

Gift Box
If you don't like the look of gift boxes and hate the idea of a plain old gift bag, or maybe you’re attempting to live a zero-waste life, you can easily make the container part of the gift. This messenger bag is heavy duty and waterproof while still looking reserved and classy, making it perfect for any and every type of guy. It’s big enough to hold everything he’ll need for work or school, a perfect carry-on item for a flight, and it has enough pockets for all the gifts you want to stuff in it!

Personalized Men's Messenger Bag
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For some people, writing a letter to someone they care about is the hardest thing in the world. If you're one of these people, here are some ideas for notes to include to tell your groomsmen how important they are -- sometimes, a few simple words are all you need.

Will You Be My Groomsman Note
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Who you ask to be your groomsmen is an easy decision. You can ensure their answers will be an easy "yes!" with any of these thoughtful and unique gifts.

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