14 Creative Drink Stations You Need at Your Outdoor Wedding

Drinks are usually an underrated decorative option for your wedding. Yep, decorative! Rather than setting up the usual table with the usual dispensers and the usual cups, turn your outdoor drink table into a drink display.


For a farmhouse wedding, what cuter cooler than a beerbarrow? Not to mention how easy cleanup will be. For a dressier look, or for wine or champagne instead of beer, put floral arrangements in the ice. 
Wedding Drinks Beerbarrow
Source: Beerbarrow

Well, maybe this tractor is cuter than a wheelbarrow.
Tractor Wedding Drink Cooler
Source: Tractor Cooler

Booze bath 

If your wedding has a rustic theme, try these wash bins as coolers. They can hold quite a few bottles and cans and look great with a burlap bow.  If you're looking for something more unique, use a claw foot bathtub!
Wash Bin Bathtub Wedding Cooler
Source: Wash Bins, Bathtub

Photo booth 

Set up your drink display near the photo booth, so your guests can pick up a drink as soon as they're done snapping their mementos – or, in case your guests need some liquid courage before they get in front of the camera. 
Funny Photo Booth Props
Alcohol Photo Booth Props
Wedding Photo Booth Drink Station
Source: Photo Booth PropsDrink Station

Sangria bar 

Let your guests make their own sangria! Set out pitchers with different juices, your favorite white and red wines, a clear soda, and lots of fruit. This makes a beautifully colored arrangement that is sure to please everyone. Letting your guests mix their own also lets kids create an alcohol-free sangria they can enjoy, too.
DIY Sangria BarSource: Sangria Bar

Champagne punch bar 

Similar to the sangria bar, set out several juice choices and fruit chunks for your guests to add to their champagne flutes. If it's a hot day, consider adding fruit sorbets or freezing flowers in ice cubes for a simple, elegant accent.

Wine & beer barrels 

You can use barrels a couple different ways for drinks. If you only have access to two or three barrels, you can lay a board across the top and use it as a table. If you have more barrels, you can use the top of the barrel itself as the table, and scatter them around the reception area so a drink is always within reach.
Whiskey Barrel Wedding Drink Stations

Cooler canoe 

Are you having your reception near a river or pond? Or do you just love being in the water? Fill a canoe with ice and your favorite boating or tubing drinks. 
Canoe Cooler Wedding Drink Station
Source: Canoe


Who doesn't love tailgating? Decorate your old truck and set coolers in the bed.


If you're going for a totally unique look and style, check out this awesome locker bar. The lockers held glasses and napkins and the bride and groom had their favorite beers on tap for their guests during cocktail hour.
Unique Wedding Beer BarSource: Locker Bar


For a vintage-themed wedding, consider using old suitcases and hat boxes as drink stations. These would also be great decorations for the bride and groom who love to travel. Inside the lid, attach maps of places you've been or places you intend to go.
Vintage Suitcase Wedding Drink Table
Suitcase With Map Print

Source: Suitcase CoolersSuitcase Map

On a budget? 

There are some awesome ideas here, but some can get pretty expensive if you don't already have the items. No need to worry – you can still make an incredible, unique drink station your guests will love. Use furniture you already have! A dresser or vanity is perfect for a drink table because you can use the drawers to hold cups, straws, napkins, even containers of fruit or other add-ins. Strategically lay fabric and flowers across it and around the drawers for a stunning display.

A ladder can be an eye-catching drink station, too. Lay boards across the steps – but secure these really well so they don't get unbalanced – for pre-made drinks to sit on.
Unique Outdoor Wedding Drink TablesSource: VanityLadder

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